Warlords of Draenor to Ship on November 13, 2014

The age of the whimsical panda is over…

Chris Metzen, Blizzard Senior Vice President, Story and Franchise Development

The moment announcing the moment many of us have been waiting for.  Warlords of Draenor will drop on November 13, 2014, just after BlizzCon, which runs November 7-8 this year.

The Blizzard team showed some previews of the expansion, including zones, dungeons, raids, and garrisons along with the cinematic to a packed house down in LA, with Chris Metzen speaking about the making of the Warcraft franchise over the last 20 years and about old stories coming around again.

Metzen stands up

Metzen stands up

The cinematic focused on the orcs making a different choice, rejecting Gul’dan but seeking to be conquerors all the same, closing with the construction of the dark portal.

Coming soon - A Dark Portal

Coming soon – A Dark Portal

The cinematic was, as expected, all about root lore and reflected nothing about the actual game.

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No word on when we will be getting Patch 6.0, the precursor to the expansion, but I would guess that we might see it by some point in mid-October.  It will include pre-expansion events leading towards the big day.

Just three more months to wait.

5 thoughts on “Warlords of Draenor to Ship on November 13, 2014

  1. Jenks

    Not bad. I still prefer the first two player character focused trailers, but of the newer lore only trailers, this is probably my favorite.
    I enjoyed the Kargath trailer too, looking forward to Grom’s.


  2. sleepysam

    Ah, trailers. Was it one of the SWTOR trailers that was better than any of the prequels, and I assume better than SWTOR? And I remember a pretty awesome Warhammer trailer.


  3. tsuhelm

    I like… maybe it is time to give WOW a shot…10 years late to the party but looks like it is still kicking!
    (Oh and Robin Williams will be in it too!)
    Now to fix computer so it can run LOTRO and WOW!


  4. dachengsgravatar

    What a strange date to choose. 13 November is a Thursday. Not a usual day for server restarts. Would I be right in thinking that all previous releases have been on a normal server restart day (Tuesday US, Wednesday EU, etc)?


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