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Hung Over in New Eden

Not literally hung over, though there was a selection of “slosh ops” to run over the holidays.  Get a kill, take a drink!

No, this is more of a spiritual or motivational hang over.  And hangover might not even be the right word.  Four sentences in and I am already at odds with the title of this post.  A symptom of my state of mind, no doubt.

At the end of the last deployment I just dropped my ships where I docked them and didn’t do much.  The deployment ended and I wandered off and didn’t spend very much time at all in game.

I had plans.  Oh, I had many plans for the post-deployment time frame.

I was going to organize things.  I was going to move ships around… actually get my carrier out and move them.  I still have stuff in VFK, and that hasn’t been our staging system for months now.  I still have stuff in YA0, and THAT hasn’t been our staging system for many weeks now.  I have two ships in our current official staging system in the north, but that wouldn’t really help as we are forward deployed to still another system.  I don’t even have a jump clone there, though I do have a ship.  A Drake, which hasn’t been a fleet doctrine ship for 18 months.

And my problems just start there.  I have a couple dozen ships in VFK and YAO, most of which are now either not part of any of the current, active fleet doctrines (Drakes, Megathrons, and Apocalypses mostly), or are not fit for the current, active doctrines.  I have to go through all those Scimitars and Oneiroses and change them out.  I have done a couple.  They are all named “Fly This Ship’ now so I can pick them out of the list.

I also have this neuting and smart bombing Armageddon from somewhere...

I also have this neuting and smart bombing Armageddon from somewhere…

The CFC has become the green blob when it comes to doctrines, favoring Ishtars and Dominixes.  I have a couple of Ishtars… fit for Reavers, not for standard fleet ops… and a Dominix parked in B-R5RB.  I am thankful that Harpies are still a thing in the CFC.  I have a bunch of those sitting around ready to go at least.

There was something of a plan to get a couple of doctrine ships back home from high sec.  They are still sitting where I left them.

I was also going to earn some ISK.  I need to earn some ISK.  My general solution to not having the right ship is just to buy one off of an alliance contract.  The CFC is mighty good at keeping people supplied, though that is all done through independent means so I am going to guess that the suppliers get even more miffed about doctrinal changes than I do.

Anyway, I was going to run some anomalies and haul a bunch of stuff I collected… maybe even some of those now mothballed ships.. back to Jita to sell with my market alt.  And I very nearly did some of that.  I ran one anomaly at some point during the holidays.  I know this because it is in my wallet journal.  And I tried to run one a couple more times, but found all of the worthwhile ones occupied by people in ratting carriers.  Now that they can use jump gates I can’t go hide in a cyno blocked system to avoid them I guess.  So that netted me about 25 million ISK, which isn’t enough to buy me a new Harpy… not that I need a new Harpy.

And I certainly didn’t go on any ops.  I haven’t clicked on a participation link in a few weeks.

In fact, aside from checking my skill queue… which I didn’t really need to do, but I felt like fiddling with the order… and activating my free 20 days of second character skill queue… which you can still do through January 13th… was do a bit of hunting in high sec.

Yes, terrible me, I got out my specially fit Rifter and went searching for miners.

Rifter out looking for trouble

Rifter out looking for trouble

I went wandering around systems, warping from asteroid belt to asteroid belt until I found and unsuspecting mining ship.

An innocent miner in a Venture mining frigate

An innocent miner in a Venture mining frigate

Upon spotting my prey, I would light my microwarp drive, set myself to orbit the mining ship, lock them up and let loose with a barrage… of snowballs and fireworks.

Direct hit!

Direct hit!

That got a few cheers and “happy holidays” in reply, though I wonder how many of the miners were on edge at having me show up and target them and how many were oblivious to the whole thing until the first snowball hit.  I probably should have done this in Niarja for maximum effect.  Lots of bad stuff happens there.

In the end though, I didn’t spend a lot of time throwing snowballs either.  I think I hit five miners and a couple of haulers along the way.

I ended up not doing a lot in New Eden over the holidays, and now the new year is here and it is cold and wet and my ships and equipment and jump clones are scattered all over the place and there is some sort of deployment tomorrow and the Proteus expansion coming out next week and I mentally feel like I am lurching around, trying to find my bearing… which is where I suppose the hung over metaphor came up.

I just have to get myself to where ever we are headed, get a ship, and shoot something.  That will clear things up I hope.  And my alt is now capable of flying all of the tech II logistics ships, so I have that going for me.

Anyway, welcome to 2015, or YC 117 in the greater New Eden area.