Hitting 50 Yet Again

I have hit level 50 so many times in so many games it hardly seems worth noting when that number comes up again.

STPlevel50Looking through this blog you can see it happening over and over again.  Is hitting 50 an achievement or just a step closer to the end game?

Wait, level up again?

Wait, level up again?

Four Level 50s... and Nehru

Four Level 50s in Rift

50 in Cazic-Thule

Hitting level 50 in Cazic-Thule

Sil50LevelThis time though I had to start at level 0, so even hitting level 1 was a ding.

10 thoughts on “Hitting 50 Yet Again

  1. TaxManInAzeroth

    It took me two read throughs trying to figure out which game before I caught the tag. So I think “happy birthday” is the appropriate response here. :)

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  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – My ancientness is relative to video games, since I have been playing them pretty much since they emerged and became available to the general public, starting with Pong in the paleolithic 70s, when bell bottom jeans roamed the earth. Plus I spent a good part of my career feeling like the youngest person in the room, so landing in my 40s and suddenly being the oldest person in the room (this is Silicon Valley, where we cast out the old mercilessly) came as a bit of a shock.


  3. NetherLands

    A belated Happy Birthday from me as well.

    Was thinking you were talking about a game I missed that had a system like AD&D/Greyhawk Adventures had (where your character can indeed start out as a level 0 and then, depending on his actions as a Level 0, gets a certain Class on his ‘graduation’). My bad.


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