CSM 11 Elections Begin – Xenuria 2016

It is that time of year again, the long threatened CSM 11 elections are upon us.  Information on how to vote is available from CCP here.


Reactions to the election range from the very earnest attempt by a group of hard working volunteers to collect information for voters over at CSM Watch (all summed up here) to… well… Gevlon’s call for a boycott.  Meanwhile, somewhere out there, a majority of EVE Online players have probably barely noticed that the election is happening, given voter turn out in past elections.

Confusion reigns and, with 53 candidates on the ballot, that seems like a pretty reasonable response.  I certainly couldn’t tell you who to vote for, or much about any of the candidates running.  At least there aren’t 75 of them like last time.

Back in The Imperium, the suggested GSF ballot has been posted.  While the coalition leadership was unhappy with the communications break down between CCP and CSM X, the pragmatic response has been to endorse a slate of candidates so, if communication improves, we won’t be left without a voice on the CSM. The list is:

  1. Aryth  GSF
  2. Innominate  GSF
  3. Xenuria  GSF
  4. Sullen Decimus  BASTN
  5. The Judge  CO2
  6. Annexe  TNT
  7. Kyle Aparthos  SMA
  8. Chiimera  GSF
  9. Wyld  GSF
  10. Kane Carnifex LAWN
  11. Mining Forman  LAWN
  12. commander aze
  13. Apothne  PL
  14. Tora Bushido

It was interesting to see that, unlike previous years, the official ballot has only a single non-Imperium null sec alliance candidate listed, Apothne of Pandemic Legion, in the 13th slot. In the past there has been some horse trading between null sec groups to support a common front.  Not so much this year I guess.

Of course, as with the full slate of candidates, I can barely tell you anything about people on that ballot.  Aryth is in GSF leadership, Innominate is the new Solo Drakban, Tora Bushido runs the Marmites, who used to take Gevlon’s money to shoot us in high sec before breaking with him, Annexe is in my alliance, and I follow Chiimera on Twitter, but I thought he stopped playing EVE at one point.

Not a very helpful set of descriptions.

And then there is Xenuria.

He might be the candidate I know the most about.

He ran last year and, if I recall right, managed 18th place which, given the rate of removal for CSM X, put him in contention to be a replacement member before the end.  He got that much following without an alliance endorsement.  This year he has the number 3 spot on the GSF ballot.

Of course, that doesn’t make some people happy.  A year ago Xenuria was an object of ridicule in many parts of the coalition, and the punchline for any joke requiring the most unlikely individual for most of us.  And then he appeared on the Meta Show with The Mittani back in August and seemed pretty reasonable. (His segment on YouTube.)

Soon enough he was in KarmaFleet and out on ops with people and posting to the forums and it wasn’t really a big deal any more.  I’ve been on fleets with him.  He aligns, shoots the primary, and shows better coms discipline than the average Goon LAWN ENL-I AM0K SNOO SMA Imperium pilot.

However, some people are pissed off that he has made the list. (Example)  So I will be interested to see how he fares this time.  He is literally the person on the Goon ballot mostly likely to piss off people who make the claim to be “true Goons” or some such.  If he gets support from outside of the coalition he ought to make it in.  And he could be EVE Online’s red shirt guy or something… though Mittens seems to have claimed the red shirt thing for himself.  Make of that what you will.

As for the vote, I suspect that the top five candidates on that ballot are probably pretty safe bets, given the reality of alliance sizes and voter turn out.  Poor voter turn out could up that number.

Top Five Alliances by Member Count

Top Five Alliances by Member Count

The election runs until March 25, so you have plenty of time to vote… so long as the servers stay up.  The results will be announced at Fanfest on April 21, 2016.

I’m still of the opinion that having players elect a pseudo-focus group is the wrong way to go about things and that the lack of agency or specific mandate or focus is problematic at best.  But if we’re going to have this thing, let’s at least put some effort into it… said the person who put next to no effort into it.

9 thoughts on “CSM 11 Elections Begin – Xenuria 2016

  1. Talvorian Dex

    I’m sorry, but I had to laugh half-way through. The concept of the CFC ever not having a voice in anything – regardless of how tangentially it relates to their game – is absurd.

    Similar to the 2016 US elections, I think it’s high time the people who have dominated the CSM sit this one out… the results are not promising under their gentle guidance.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Talvorian Dex “I’m sorry, but I had to laugh half-way through. The concept of the CFC ever not having a voice in anything – regardless of how tangentially it relates to their game – is absurd.”

    Which is not at all what I said, but sure. The context was clearly, to me, about a voice on the CSM. But I have clarified that.

    “Similar to the 2016 US elections, I think it’s high time the people who have dominated the CSM sit this one out… the results are not promising under their gentle guidance.”

    Please disenfranchise yourself. Pretty sure that isn’t going to happen. Plus, if your first statement is true, it shouldn’t matter either way.


  3. Rob Kaichin

    So we have a 5 from you, a 9 from me, all 11 from Jester…

    Right now there are only two things that can sabotage the agenda: terrible voting discipline from the CFC and a ‘fuck this, fuck you’ notice from CCP.

    CCP is too attached to the semblance of democracy to pin down who they want in, and who they don’t want in. So it’s up to you, Wilhelm, to save the Earth… eh-hem… save Eve!

    He might do a Corbexx and join GSF on the ‘new CSM’ session. I think it’s somewhat likely, if the pestering Mittens was doing on slack is any evidence. I asked him about it, and he specifically denied “accepting any formal invitation”.

    Which is a refusal so full of holes that you could drive a space shuttle, two tanks and a fleet of aircraft carriers through it.

    Maybe he won’t, but CCP will be pissed if they get a 70% CFC CSM.


  4. Freelancer117

    “And then there is Xenuria”

    Oh boy, his platform is Reform the CSM – Make EvE Great Again
    source: http://match.eve-csm.com/candidate.php?id=167

    Regards, a Freelancer

    ps: “Perhaps Xenuria is not the CSM member the Company needs right now, but the one it deserves. So we will call him names. Because he can take it. Because he thinks he is a hero. A self proclaimed guardian, and a forum troll. A dank Goon.”
    source: https://twitter.com/xenuria?lang=en


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Rob Kaichin – I am sure that this is one of those times where being inside the organization gives one a very different view than one might get from the outside.

    I get the impression at times that people outside of Goons see them as a unified force marching together in lock step or some such. Reading the internal forums can give you a different point of view. Goons probably vote more regularly than other groups, but their discipline can be for shit. Xenuria may be third on the ballot, but I will be surprised if he bubbles up into third place unless he retains the support he had in his pre-SNOO days.

    And a lot of GSF these days is made up of SNOO, who are the least likely people in the Imperium to be hooked up on coms or know that there is even a vote, and GEWNS, who are exempt from caring, as they can never be kicked for anything but a serious offense, and so often wander off to do whatever they please.

    Also, as noted in the post, we did not appear to make any cross-group deals with other null sec entities as we have done in past years. We’re on our own and I doubt that PL is going to put our top three anywhere on their suggested ballot.

    Then again, you always see the flaws in your own organization while your foes seem united.

    So I vacillated between 5 and 7 getting in and decided to go conservative.

    @Freelancer117 – Hey, the focus on the CSM thread in GSF forums appears to be primarily about his espousing traditional remedies for vaginal infections, so we have not even begun to plumb the depth of weird yet.


  6. Noizy

    Don’t worry about the lack of cross-group deals. It never mattered in the past anyway. If I can see that, then I’m sure the Goon number crunchers saw that as well.

    A few weeks ago, I put the over/under on Imperium candidates getting onto the CSM at 6. Personally, I don’t see Goon votes helping more than 3 candidates (the historical maximum), even with low turnout. Will the other Imperium alliances be able to combine to get 2 on? I doubt it. I’ll call it 3-4 candidates from Imperium ballots get on this year, although only 2 winning is a distinct possibility.

    I will admit I could be incredibly wrong if the election herders in the Imperium managed to turn the voting links they make also act as pap links. Then, it could be 11. But I highly doubt that.


  7. Telke

    Chiimera is a social climber who doesn’t actually do things ingame, which the AUTZ has found frustrating at various points. Including discovering he’d been promoted to arsehole squad leadership one day, simply because he’d hung out with Mittani at fanfest.

    He’s currently off doing biotech stuff somewhere in Africa, so I’m not sure he is a good CSM candidate right now.

    I voted only Innominate, Kyle and Apothne from the goon ballot this year; Most of my votes went to people knowledgeable about ingame stuff, rather than out-of-game meta-analysis. Which is almost a sea change from how I’d voted the last four years.

    eg, Mr Hyde 2016: make battleships great again.


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