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My daughter and I have been discussing our return to World of Warcraft for a while now.  That whole reflective nature thing I have about games has rubbed off on my daughter… a bit.  She did agree with my assessment that, in light of historical play trends in our house, it was safe to assume that there would be a limited timeline before either of us decided to stop playing WoW and move onto something else.

The release of the WoW 7.0 patch to the Public Test Realm put the need for a plan onto the front burner, and on Saturday we weighed the merits of a Father’s Day return to the game or pushing it off until the Independence Day holiday.  And then we were sitting around on Father’s Day this past Sunday wondering what daddy/daughter activity we should indulge in and an afternoon of playing WoW was declared.

So we returned to Azeroth and places connected there to.

And, of course, once clients had been updated, accounts activated, and so on, we came to the musical question of the hour, “So what are we going to do?”  Neither of us were keen to return to another stretch of Garrison Crossing: Follower Festival, so there was a bit of running about and checking out dimly recalled characters and what not.  It has been about a year or for both of us, barring that 30 day stint I did with a WoW Token, which was solely focused on running garrison missions to earn back the money I spent on the WoW Token in the first place.  Sure, I came out ahead, but I didn’t want to play another 30 days of that.

Remembering how to play and where to go and shouting at each other across the house from our respective computers until we settled down into our own little voyages of discovery pretty much occupied the balance of play time on Father’s Day.

By the end of the evening though, I had decided on a goal.  A goal is important to me.  I can put up with all sorts of tasks, both fun and tedious, in pursuit of such.  We just covered that in my Minecraft post earlier this week, right?

I announced to my daughter that I was going to try to unlock flying in Draenor.

She thought that sounded good, right up until I told her what it would take, at which point she said, “screw that” and went back to collecting things for transmog after she heard about the new wardrobe stuff coming with WoW Legion.

And she was put off by my vague notion of what was required.  I had written about it before, but I hadn’t really added the task up and then compared it to where I stood currently.  Tanaan Jungle wasn’t even in the game when I wrote that post.  To unlock the Draenor Pathfinder meta achievement, which gives you flying and a mount to go with it, you need:

Five achievements?  How hard could that be?

Then I started looking into how where I stood.  I didn’t have any of them completed yet.

For Tanaan Dilplomat, the reasons were pretty obvious… I stopped playing before Tanaan Jungle showed up.  However, I had at least built the shipyard in my garrison during that WoW Token stint and, in doing so, I had at least set foot in Tanaan and had the first flight point.

At the other end of the spectrum, I was a bit surprised I did not have Loremaster of Draenor on Vikund yet, as I had been pretty diligent about rolling up at least all the main quest lines, and even the bonus quest lines in the early zones.  In fact, I had all the achievements I needed for it save one, the Nagrand achievement.

Getting that meant going out to Nagrand to re-trace my steps and figure out why I hadn’t wrapped that one achievement up. (I also cleaned up my quest log a bit.  I still had Mists of Pandaria quests in there.  With just 25 quest slots, you can’t leave stuff sitting there forever.  EverQuest II and its 75 quest limit has spoiled me.)

After a bit of running about to find which quest was actually the one I needed, I got there and had a dim memory of it being bugged… like a year and a half ago.  Something happened and the item I needed didn’t spawn.  Anyway, I dropped the quest, found my way back to the quest giver, then started it up again and things seemed to proceed.  Whatever was wrong or whatever I missed back then didn’t seem to be an issue and I was on my way.  This all ended up with an assault on a Iron Horde camp with Yrel in order to arrest the trouble maker… again.

Didn't we take him into custody back in Pandaria already?

Always Garrosh…

That turned into a set piece where Thrall stepped in and eventually took him away.  If we have to go capture him again in some other timeline I am going to be annoyed.  This ended with all the big names standing around in a circle, so I took a pic.

The leadership powwow

The leadership powwow… and me

But what mattered at the moment was that I got the achievement I needed to wrap up the first item on the list for flying.

Always Garrosh, always achievements I guess...

Always Garrosh, always achievements I guess…

One down, four to go.

On the Explore Draenor front, I have a few corners of the map to explore.  It would be really easy to get this if I had flying… which I guess is somebody making a point.  Anyway, this is more a matter of just getting out and doing it.

Securing Draenor involves running a dozen missions from the map table in the garrison.  I have four down already, but some of the required missions are group focused, and I am not over-geared enough to handle elites solo or anything.  I demonstrated this to myself when I tried to do The Pit solo.  So some planning required on that.

Master Treasure Hunter requires looting 100 treasures in Draenor, excluding Tanaan Jungle.  I have 25 so far.  I am going to bet there is an addon that will help me with that.

And then there is the Tanaan Diplomat achievement, which requires me to get revered status with three factions in the jungle, the Saberstalkers, the Hand of the Prophet, and the Order of the Awakened.  I haven’t looked into that, but I imagine that will need running some dailies for a couple of weeks.

So that is my goal for now, to get flying in Draenor before the WoW 7.0 patch hits and the pre-Legion events begin.

13 thoughts on “Return to Draenor

  1. Liore

    I’ve been working on Draenor Pathfinder for a few weeks now, and the rep achievement is awful. There’s a lot of farming stuff slowly for tiny amounts of rep! I’m honestly surprised now that I’m doing it that there wasn’t a louder outcry when this came out, but I suppose people were just excited for flying.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m still doing it… I’m just whining while I do it.


  2. wowstorylines

    it really seemed like it took forever to get PathFinder but it is well worth it when you’re finished if you’re truly an altoholic – I definitely am. :D


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Liore – A Rare Liore uses Blog Comment! It is Super Effective!

    My own ability to complain about things I otherwise like and enjoy is the stuff of legend.

    @wowstorylines – “altoholic”

    My favorite thing about the merged realms was that it effectively let me have twice as many characters on the same server.

    For running alts through the content flying will no doubt be very desirable.

    On the flip side, I would not bet against Blizz retiring the Draenor Pathfinder achievement, making it a Feat of Strength, and just letting players buy Draenor flying for gold at some point after Legion goes live.

    I am not saying they will do it, but I certainly won’t faint from a patch note induced case of the vapors should this come to pass.

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  4. Shintar

    I really want to come up with an excuse to use the phrase “faint from a patch note induced case of the vapors” in a blog post now…


  5. Alex

    Handynotes and Handynotes Draenor. All your treasures will be on your map, minimap, with helpful hints and stuff on the tooltip.


  6. Gevlon

    I don’t get one thing: what’s the point of playing with your daughter if you don’t really play together, just in the same game, but very different locations and activities?


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Gevlon – Admittedly, it is a bit more like parallel play than doing things together directly. But we tend to chat to each other, or yell across the house, and we then have long conversations about the at the dinner table, so there is still some togetherness. She’s in the teen years now, so having any bond we can fall back on is a pretty good deal.


  8. Jenks

    You’ll want to start doing the dailies first. If you finish them and are playing more that day, then work on one of the other achievements, I don’t think any of them are time gated.

    My best advice is (assuming you are not playing in a group) use the group finder tool for each daily. If they send you to the Iron Front, search the group finder (either custom or questing) for front or iron front, and jump in a group. You’ll go from 10+ minutes per area to maybe 2 minutes, much more enjoyable. Just be aware if you are on a PVE server it will sometimes plop you on a PVP server.


  9. Matt

    In a twist, I grinded the flying achievement sometime last year after it existed but before it actually gave you flying, then promptly quit the game, never to actually take wing in Draenor.


  10. tweell

    If you can find someone to take you around in a 2 person flying mount, it’s much faster getting to those map edges. I doubt I’m on your server, so probably cannot help (if you’re on a US RP server, it might work). I also recommend those medallions of the legion, popped a few just to get that last bit of rep done.


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