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Landmark Goes… Live

I almost forgot, today is the day that Landmark goes live.


After the long road from the SOE Live of 2013 where Landmark was something of a footnote in the EverQuest Next story to it becoming its own game and early access and the usual long drought of information then the death of EverQuest Next to the dead spot press release all to reach today and the actual launch.

The servers are up, the official site has been updated, the “early access” disclaimers have been removed, and the game is listed as a new release on Steam.

Also new, WildStar...

Also new, WildStar…

I am not sure what qualifies it as “popular” rather than just a “new release.”  When I checked the Top Sellers list it was on page 7, putting it somewhere between the 151st and 175th most popular game on Steam at the moment.

Meanwhile, over at Daybreak, the server status page isn’t exactly showing the game is on fire here at launch.

Server Status: Low

Server Status: Low

Is everybody off watching the Warcraft movie tonight?

Or is this what a launch day is like when a game with a modest fan base to start spends more than two years lingering in “early access,” changing companies, changing designs, and changing payment plans all before a dwindling live studio audience?

What would sell people on Landmark here at launch day?

Friday Bullet Points for Internet Spaceships

Another Friday with some items in my notes that I can’t be bothered to make a full post out of.  And they are all about EVE Online this week.

Shadow of the Serpent Event

CCP has announced a new in-game event will go live with the June update on the 28th of the month.  Called Shadow of the Serpent, The Scope will be offering capsuleers challenges to help suppress the Serpentis menace.

Serpentis Menace

Serpentis Menace

In order to make sure people know about the event… because people ignore the launcher, the release notes, the dev blogs, the forums, blog posts, news sites, and Reddit… CCP will be using some of the real estate on the character select page to highlight the event and what is available to do.  My guess is that somebody will still complain that CCP did not promote the event widely enough.

CCP calls for Videos

CCP has a call out for videos for the next O7 Show, which is coming up on June 26.

CCP is also looking for videos to beef up their current Flight Academy series on YouTube.

Learn to fly, learn to fight

Learn to fly, learn to fight

So if you are interested in making videos that are entertaining for the O7 Show or that might be helpful for new player, CCP has a Dev Blog for you.

Eight Overview Tabs

In one of those “little features cause big excitement” turns, CCP slipped a line item into the upcoming changes list for the June release that has people cheering.

Increased max overview tab count from 5 to 8

This is a boon.  The overview is this often mis-understood, overly complicated window that can mean victory if used right or defeat if you are looking at the wrong settings.  The overview is destiny.  I have such a long list of overview tab pre-sets that the list scrolls off the window… so long that finding the right pre-set while in combat is not a winning plan.  I like to have tabs setup before the fight, but sometimes… well, almost all the time… I want more than five.

And soon we will have eight.  I am sure that still won’t feel like enough, but I still welcome tabs 6, 7, and 8.

Death of DX9

CCP to players:  Stop checking the DirectX 9 checkbox.

Due to the pain that is backward compatibility support… and I know the feeling as, I swear, some of our corporate customers would still be running IE6 on Windows XP if we didn’t stop supporting it… CCP is yanking DX9 from EVE Online.  You have until June 26 to figure out what you need to do.

May Monthly Economic Report

One of my favorite monthly posts from CCP, the economic report, came out for May.  And there among the charts, I again rushed to find my favorite, the ISK sinks and faucets.

May 2016 - ISK Sinks and Faucets

May 2016 – ISK Sinks and Faucets

We are starting to have enough of these to begin plotting trends and tracking behavior related to changes in the game.

For the second month running, more ISK was drained out of the economy than went into it.  Last month there was a big boom in blue print purchasing with the release of the Citadel expansion that contributed to an 8 trillion ISK reduction in ISK in the economy.

This month almost 13 trillion ISK was removed from overall player holdings, and the big jump this time around was in broker’s fees, which were raised with the Citadel expansion, expanding that particular sink from under 5 trillion ISK in March to 7 trillion ISK in April to 18 trillion ISK in May.  IS that enough to drive people to trade in citadels?

Anyway, that is what I had for today.