Blizzard Will Give You a Mount if You Will Just Subscribe to WoW for Six Months

I think we’ve seen this before.

Back during Cataclysm Blizzard offered players a “free” copy of Diablo III if they would just commit to subscribing to World of Warcraft for a year.  The old Annual Pass gambit.  It seemed like a ploy back then to keep subscriber and revenue numbers up during the second year slump time of Cataclysm.  Is there a Battle for Azeroth slump already that they need to run this sort of deal again?

This time around you won’t be getting a video game with a $60 shelf price and a mount.  This time it is just a mount.  But you only have to commit for half the time.

For a limited time… between now and October 21, 2018… if you go to the Blizzard store… in game or at the web site… you can buy in on a special offer that gives you six months of game time for $77.94.

That is the usual price for a six month subscription, the longest time increment currently offered, coming out to $12.99 a month.  The bonus is the mount.

This is your bonus

The alleged reason for this is yesterday’s Talk Like a Pirate Day celebration, but I have to wonder if there isn’t another reason that Blizzard wants to lock players in for half a year.

If you were going to stay subscribed to WoW in any case, then this is basically a free mount.  If you are uncertain however, you might want to ask yourself how badly you really want this ride in Azeroth.

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9 thoughts on “Blizzard Will Give You a Mount if You Will Just Subscribe to WoW for Six Months

  1. Marathal

    And the kicker is you have to choose or have already in place the 6 month sub option. I’ve had a continuous sub for over 9 years paying monthly. I don’t get a free mount.

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  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Hirvox – I have noticed that CCP does do “Omega Time” deals that require you to buy PLEX then use that to buy game time, which is of course a double whammy because you can’t buy exactly the right amount of PLEX directly from CCP and using PLEX for game time costs more than directly subscribing.

    I suspect that sort of thing is more aimed at trying to heat up or cool off the PLEX market in game, but if you want the damn SKIN… and I always want the damn SKIN… it is a pain in the ass. In fact, it is generally such a pain that I skip it altogether. (I’m only tempted if it is a SKIN for a ship I fly regularly.)

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  3. RohanV

    @Marathal, if you buy the 6-months of game-time, it will pause your subscription, and then resume it after the 6 months is finished. So it’s perfectly compatible with monthly subscriptions. You won’t lose any money, in fact, it’s cheaper than 6 months of regular subscription. As long as you play for the full 6 months, there’s no downside, especially for long-time subscribers.

    I subscribe monthly, and the transaction went through fine for me.

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  4. wowstorylines

    When I initially thought that the mount was from the BlizzCon tickets and I was already subscribed with a six month time period anyway. It’s a pretty cool mount and I am planning on staying subscribed to the game anyway – I made it through WoD without unsubbing and BfA has only just begun even if it is buggy as all get-out.

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  5. JThelen

    @Marathal: you’re pretty much the ideal candidate for paying 6 months at a go; paying month to month has essentially had you paying for an extra 2 years worth of subscription time.

    I picked up a 6 month sub while raiding Antorus during Legion that’s still got a couple months left on it. Free mount for that is kinda nice.

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