A New MUD Client – CMUD

Zugg Software, the makers of the venerable but so-very-useful MUD client zMUD, have announced zMUD’s replacement, Chiara’s MUD Client, or CMUD

Features of CMUD include:

  • Compiled scripts for faster MUD playing.
  • New Local Variables provide huge speed benefits and prevents clutter from temporary variables
  • Settings are stored in an SQL database. No more corrupted settings!
  • Redesigned settings editor for editing your scripts.
  • Packages are like having multiple inherited settings files
  • Packages can be easily shared via the Package Library
  • Modern user interface with themes/skins, a powerful window docking system than includes fly-out windows, and customizeable toolbars.
  • Windows Vista support. zMUD will not be supported on Windows Vista…CMUD will be supported.

CMUD is priced at $29.95.

If you own zMUD and purchased it after September 5, 1999, you are entitled to a 50% discount off of the price of CMUD.  If you purchased zMUD after July 1st, 2005, you are entitled to a free upgrade to CMUD.

Minimum system requirements are Windows XP SP2 and DirectX 9.x.

As somebody who purchased and has used zMUD for years, I am inclined to endorse this product sight unseen.  I just wonder if my years worth of zMUD scripts and my 18,000+ room map database will convert over nicely.

8 thoughts on “A New MUD Client – CMUD

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I have two licenses for zMUD, one of which is eligible for half price. The question for me will be, is it worth the bother? I still poke my nose into Toril MUD once in a while, but not often enough that I would want to re-do all my triggers.


  2. Seb

    CMUD is still in beta (but an open Beta) at the current time. The public release is expected to be sometime next month. Discounts need to be used during the beta period. There is already an import process for zMUD scripts, and CMUD currently uses the same map format as zMUD so that is not an issue (and once the map format is changed next year there will be an conversion process for that too). So the number of changes to scripts and triggers should be limited. Actually there should be no changes to trigger strings, and few changes to scripts. However, there are still bugs in CMUD at the moment, so unless you want to play an active beta-testing role, you might want to wait until the end of the month to try CMUD.


  3. Kat

    Zmud works fine in vista. You just need to run it as administrator. I personally will not buy cmud on principle. They promised us free upgrades for life, then put out a program that looks almost identicle and tell us its a new program and we have to pay for it. Not to mention they dont make it very well known that there was a discount during the bata time (like I want to pay for a beta program i have no idea if it is worth getting) and after that time you are screwed.


  4. Ummel

    I can’t run zMUD in vista, even as running it as admin. It just opens the loading screen and then closes itself. I’ve tried every compatibility option available as well. Looks like I’ll have to wait until the pirates crack cMUD, because I’m not paying to play any MUD, this isn’t 1992. I could buy a real game with real graphics for $30, not the same rehashed zMUD client. This is what, the 3rd time they’ve tried to make us pay for it? Come on guys, program something useful and sell that and then make this MUD program available cheap. Put out a barebones version. I don’t need mapping or any of that other crap.


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