FeedBurner Options

I have this blog signed up with FeedBurner.  In fact, I have had it signed up since day one, but I have not done much with it.  After all, WordPress.com has its own feed mechanism.

Still, FeedBurner has much to recommend it.  It’s uptime seems to be at least marginally better than WordPress.com, it has an interface to add a feed to quite a variety of web based feed readers, and it provides some nice statistics.  WordPress.com tells me “about 7 people hit your feed today” while FeedBurner tells me that plus what reader they were using, which bots hit my site, and so on.

FeedBurner also does email subscriptions.  You can sign up and get an email once a day with any new posts to the site. (No email on days w/o posts.)  I like this feature. At least one of my readers does as well, since somebody has already signed up for it and I have never bothered to post the URL.

Unfortunately, with a WordPress.com hosted site, I cannot go in and substitute the WordPress.com feeds with the FeedBurner feeds.  You do not get to hack your template.  That is one of my arguments for running off and hosting the site elsewhere.  So until I figure out a tidy way to add the links for the FeedBurner options to the side bar, here they are:

FeedBurner RSS Feed:


FeedBurner Email Subscription: