Daily Archives: September 2, 2008

No WoW Animated Series Yet?

There still isn’t a World of Warcraft based animated series on cable TV yet. (And what is the right phrase for “not on network TV” these days?  I haven’t had cable for over 8 years now.)

What is going on here?  This seems to me to be a natural.  Seriously, I thought we were past due on this a year ago.

Azeroth is a colorful place, full of conflict, humor, and garishly mis-matched armor.  Given some of the stuff I have seen on Cartoon Network of late, WoW seems poised to dominate there as well.  It certainly has more narrative potential than Sonic the freakin’ Hedgehog in my opinion, who recently got his own show.

And yet, nothing.

Is it possible that Blizzard, after pushing out or approving action figures, keyboards, a board game (which has two expansions already, that being one more than WoW actually has as of this date!), a trading card game, novels, posters, the sound track, a VISA card, some T-shirts, and a couple of hats, has drawn the line on licensing?

Is that it?

Has somebody down in Irvine said, “We need to reign in the money train here! No cartoons!  And no Zippo lighters!  Look what happened to EverQuest with those lighters.”

I only bring this up because I have been watching the cartoon version of Viva Pinata with my daughter recently.

Best cartoon ever!

If WoW could get something half as fun and funny, they would own us.