Rotom Secret Key Event

The first Pokemon Platinum event has been announced at in conjunction with Toys R Us.


There is a key that can be used to change the forms of the pokemon known as Rotom.  There was a flyer in the Pokemon Platinum box that described how to obtain this key via Nintendo Wi-Fi.

However, if you do not have Wi-Fi access or have not set it up, you can obtain the key for a limited time via download at Toys R Us.

It is available at Toys R Us only from April 19th through April 26th.

This is for Pokemon Platinum only.  You cannot download the key with Diamond or Pearl.  (Or so they say.)

Info on Rotom and its forms is available here.  Toys R Us will have information about how to download the key posted in their stores.

[Addendum: The secret key is available via Nintendo Wi-Fi at different times.  This is announced regularly at]

11 thoughts on “Rotom Secret Key Event

  1. Luis Alvarez

    So at what time does this event start. is there even a time limit?

    Or what?

    but you know im going to get it the key at toys ‘r us instead of wi-fi because i dont have wi-fi,.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    If it is like past events at TRU, there will be a station in the video games section of your local store with a poster sized guide detailing “how to,” and it will be available during store hours on the dates listed in the post.


  3. idontlikepie

    You can’t download this item to Diamond and Pearl because there’s no data in game for the item.

    The event doesn’t add the data or the Rotom forms to your game, just unlocks them.


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