Daily Archives: December 16, 2009

I am Epic!

Yes I am.  And I can prove it.  I have the achievement.

And you too can be epic.  I mean, if I managed it, then it cannot be all that difficult.

To get the Epic achievement you have to equip something with an item level of at least 213 in all of your key equipment slots.

So shirt, shield, and/or off hand weapon/item get left out, but everything else is covered.

And how did I manage this?

I certainly did not run a bunch of heroic instances or 10 person raids.  Oh no.

Instead, the Twilight Cadre chief of research, Potshot, discovered that for maximum honor gain, we should run Wintergrasp to do the weekly quests it offers.  You can get at least five quests during the weekly cycle, each of which grants you about 3700 honor points along with 10 stone keeper’s shards and some gold.  Plus you get honor during the battle and Wintergrasp marks of honor.

The marks of honor and the stone keeper’s shards can both be redeemed for more honor, if you so wish.

So Wintergrasp seemed to be a honor farm.

And then I figured out that the quests were no weekly, but had a five day timer on them plus a reset day.

Every Tuesday morning all of the quests are reset so you can get them.  But there also appears to be a 5 day lockout on them, so if you run them all on Tuesday, you can run them all again on Sunday/Monday.  And then Tuesday rolls around and you can run them all again.

(I haven’t seen if this got changed with Patch 3.3 however)


And so Vikund ran a lot of Wintergrasp.  Well, not that much, but more than he likely would have otherwise.

It helps that I find Wintergrasp fun.  It has an interesting dynamic and to win as the defender you really have to work hard or outnumber the other side.  Getting out and attacking wins and holding back in defense loses.

And with all that honor, he was able to buy epic PvP equipment to outfit himself.  Three cheers for the welfare epic state!

The only thing he couldn’t get with honor was an epic weapon.  You need arena standing for that it seems, and the Twilight Cadre research department hasn’t worked out how to manage that, beyond forming an unlikely-to-win arena team.

So Vikund went and bought a Tankard O’Terror at the Auction House.

And thus he was declared “epic.”

Of course, that took weeks to accomplish.  To bring that time down you can just save up about 50K honor points, go to the honor shop, buy an item, equip it, unequip it, sell it back to the vendor, then buy the next piece.  Rinse, repeat, buy a weapon, and you’re done.

So you too can be just as epic as I am.

Which, honestly, isn’t all that epic.

And the gear is kind of ugly, at least for paladins.  But it sure boosted his DPS and, in a self-sustaining loop, made him more competitive in PvP so I still run Wintergrasp when I see it is up just for fun.

I just have to figure out what to do with that excess honor now.