Joseph Stalin Sitting in a Tree…

I have at least one more tree headline to go I think.

Over at World of Tanks they have put out their Soviet tank tree to show the progression through the armored vehicles of the Red Army.  You can compare this with the German Tank tree.

Soviet Tank Tree Available

If you feel like going for the Red Army’s steel panzers, take a look at the Soviet tank tree. The tree will feature the vehicles that took part in epic WWII battles as well as prototype machines that never left factory gates in large numbers, such as the heavy IS-7.

The Soviet tank tree for World of Tanks

The Josef Stalin tanks (labeled “IS” because there is no “J” in Russian, so it should be “Iosef Stalin”) are there at the bottom of the heavy tank tree.

I’m surprised there is no KV-2 in the lineup.  That would have made an interesting entry in the self-propelled gun line up.

5 thoughts on “Joseph Stalin Sitting in a Tree…

  1. HarbingerZero

    Aww man, the KV-2 is one of my long time favorites. Back in the days of playing Kampfgruppe I always tried to get some, useless as they usually were. Love that thing.


  2. *vlad*

    Where is the Stalin 2?

    @HarbingerZero : Everyone needs a KV 2 or an Elefant in their army, just for the looks!


  3. KurtK

    KV-2 was just a KV-1 with a ridiculous boxy tall turret and different guns. It’s in the game as an upgrade to the KV-1 as it should be.
    IS-2 is a similar upgrade to the IS-1 with a D25 122mm gun.

    They’re putting a lot of effort into accuracy with WoT. This is really great but it’s proving to be a bitch to balance, but us beta-testers will iron it out!


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @KurtK – I actually disagree that the KV-2 ought to be in the same line of tanks as the KV-1, as it was designed for a different role.

    But your comment highlights one of the biggest problems with the game, historical accuracy and game balance are completely different goals. Historically, there was never a time of balance when it came to equipment.

    Well, that and the fact that many of the vehicles listed on the trees were never intended to engage other AFVs, so with a game that will be ONLY tanks, they seem a bit less than useful. But that is a whole different story.

    If they go for historical accuracy, there will be an optimum path to follow that most players will take, which will further reinforce that path. If everybody is in a T-34 and appears to be winning mostly, then others will gravitate towards that.

    Similar things happened back in Air Warrior, where they opted for historical accuracy. If wanted to zoom and boom, you flew and FW-190, which had the cannons, if you wanted to dogfight, you’d take the Spitfire which had, and if you wanted to bomb, you likely grabbed the A-26 Invader. Almost nobody flew P-51s, Bf-109s, F4Us, or B-25 unless they were noobs, wanted to prove a point, or wanted to lure people in by pretending to be noobs.


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