Guild Hall Obsession

I previously mentioned my quite modest goals for the double experience event.

One of the special things about the double experience week that just passed was that double guild experience was part of the package.

I wanted to get the guild to level 10, which would get us a bit more space in the guild bank, or maybe level 15, which would give us access to the first status mounts.

Gaff, however, wanted a guild hall.

A guild hall becomes available to a guild when it gets to level 30.

That seemed like quite a stretch for our cast of low level characters.

But the idea took root.  Characters were transferred from EverQuest II Live.  Writs were run.

The guild was level 20 by Friday, when the effort began to slow.

Further characters were transferred, old friends were recruited.

And, after a 7 hour triple-boxing marathon by Gaff running tier 9 writs on Sunday, we finally arrived.

Guild Level 30 - May 22, 2011

Guild level 30 in under a month.  And the game was down for two of those weeks.

Now we can get a guild hall… if we can afford one.

I think we can scrape together the 50 platinum coins to get the guild hall, but the weekly upkeep of 50 gold and 200,000 status points might be a stretch unless we really commit to the game.

And, of course, with a guild hall we would like to get some amenities.  We are allowed 5 at our level, and the trade skill related ones are very tempting.  But they cost and have upkeep as well.  In some cases the upkeep is as much as the guild hall itself.

That might be a bit tough to maintain for a guild that is still mostly at or around level 20.

4 thoughts on “Guild Hall Obsession

  1. bhagpuss

    Our EQ2X guild was created on launch day and it’s level 22 now, so that’s some going there. Congratulations!

    However, Guild halls are massive white elephants and I wouldn’t take one as a gift.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – As long as we remain committed to the game, I think we can manage it. I am currently wondering if the harvest agents can be somewhat self-supporting if we have them go get low-to-mid tier raws and sell some on the broker. (Might be viable considering what some raws end up going for on a Sunday afternoon.)

    But yes, the moment we’re playing something else… and some of us do jump around a bit *cough*Gaff*cough* …we might be in a fix.

    Are guild halls like regular housing where if you lapse you just renew by paying the rent again, or do your amenities walk out or go on strike?


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