I’ve Been Through The Door

I ran down almost every quest I could in Eregion, holding off the moment foretold by my reaching Durin’s door.

But the door has been opened.

I have been into Moria at last.

Past Durin’s Door at Last

First impressions:

  • It is big.  It makes Thorin’s Hall seem small.
  • It is three dimensional.  This is not at all like your typical overland zone
  • It is dark.  I know why I do not see very many screen shots of the place.  In a number of locations I have found already, it is tough to see where I am.
  • It is really big.  I am glad I have that pre-order goat, though I wish the light was a bit brighter.
  • It is detached. You can’t grab a ride directly there from the outside world.  You have to ride to the door unless you have an instant travel skill anchored on a milestone or campfire inside.

The door is open…

I have made it as far as the second dwarf encampment so far and I have hardly seen anything.  I’ve been lost a couple of times already, and three dimensions has a big impact on getting from point A to point B.  So it looks good so far.

Much adventure lies ahead.

9 thoughts on “I’ve Been Through The Door

  1. Syp

    Many people recommend turning up your in-game brightness for Moria. The first zone in particular is kind of dark, but others can be just as bright as anything you’d find outside.


  2. Rinvan

    I always wished that the lantern on the goat mount provided a light source. It is far too easy to ride a goat right down a bottomless pit of death.


  3. Judy Hornaday

    Ambient light slider works wonders in Moria. For many of us, Moria is a love/hate scenario. My Warden recently left the darkness to find herself blinking in the light of Lothlorian.(Which due to a bloom effect, required another adjustment.)
    Currently wandering in Mirkwood. Yet another dark place. By the time finishes, I will need glasses.


  4. Aufero

    @Syp – I suspect the first couple of areas you encounter in Moria are darker than the later ones on purpose, as a way of setting the mood and place firmly in your head.


  5. bhagpuss

    I tend to dislike indoor zones. One of the top two or three reasons I play MMOs is for virtual travel, so I like brightly lit, sunny outdoor landscapes. I enjoy a bit of moonlight or the dark of a storm, but as a steady diet I want good, clear light and the great outdoors.

    Consequently I’ve been strongly disinterested in Moria as an expansion ever since it was announced. The thought of grubbing around in the dark for day after day is depressing even to think about.

    That said, chances are it’s a lot more enjoyable when you actually do it than when you are just imagining it. I spent weeks underground in the Dungeons of Darkhollow expansions in Everquest, after all, and I had a lot of fun then. Looking forward to reading your adventures underground.


  6. Deck

    Moria truly is a massive place. Hats off to Turbine for pulling it off.

    FYI, you probably know this but I couldn’t tell from the screenshots if you already had it on. Alt-F10 is the hotkey to toggle your “personal light source” in LotRO. It’s not a halogen flashlight by any means, but it comes in handy deep in the darkness of Moria. ;-)


  7. Anonymous

    There is a very handy but little known tweak that gives you a personal light source. I think it is activated by pressing alt+F10.

    It lights up a small circle around your toon. Very useful in parts of Moria and the amount of light is small enough that it doesn’t feel like cheating. It is a bit like holding up a torch.


  8. Scott C.

    LOTRO is a gem …. the Mines, while daunting are truly magnificent to behold, Turbine for me as a dev team, is a love and hate trip. The mail system is antiquated and needs a MAJOR overhaul. alt f10 is indeed the light source command for the pre-order goat. I have a great amount of respect for this MMO overall, NEVER, in my not so inconsiderable time spent in alternate universes, have i stumbled upon such a truly well thought out MMO and the community (for most servers) is 2nd to none. You will spend a great amount of time in the mines, if you so desire, you may also skip it completely if you so desire, however i would not suggest skipping it altogether. Much love,~ Grymner LM, Arkenstone ~


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