World of Battleships Web Site Now Live!, makers of World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, now has an official web site up for the third title in their “world” trilogy, World of Battleships.


As with the World of Warplanes site, there isn’t much there yet.  There is some artwork.


I am not sure how representative of the actual game the art is.

Airplanes... hrmm...

And there is a brief overview of the game.

The players have three main classes of ships at their disposal:

  • Aircraft carriers that provide both naval and air support
  • Battleships and heavy cruisers able to scarify the enemy with their looks alone
  • Light destroyers with speed and agility as their strongest points

All the machines have their unique combination of firepower, speed, armor, and endurance. A pack of nimble destroyers will tire out their opponents, huge battleships can batter down any target with a couple of main caliber salvos, aircraft carriers are capable of covering the allies from air or routing an aircraft cell towards the enemy.

I guess that covers some of the questions I asked.  Or maybe not.  Carriers just add to the range question.  And I wonder how carrier aircraft will be handled?

And then there are the trailers they posted earlier in the year, during Gamescom.

So a little bit of information, but a lot of questions are still unanswered.

5 thoughts on “World of Battleships Web Site Now Live!

  1. Maarkean

    Well, it’s good that they have a variety of ship classes. But if there are carriers, then wouldn’t this take place after the battleship has started to fade from power? Though I suppose that can be negated somewhat depending on map size.

    If all of the ships on the map, are effectively within range of the big guns on the battleships, then that would negate the planes main advantage.


  2. Tobold

    As far as I understood the carrier works a bit like the artillery in World of Tanks: You order an air strike on some location, it isn’t terribly accurate, you need other ships to scout for you, and you have a long “reload time”.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Interesting. World of Floating Tanks I suppose.

    Still, I find it a bit amusing. The name of the game brought my mind directly to WWI and things like Jutland, or Tsushima a decade earlier, the age of battleship supremacy.

    Instead we will have the era when battleships were reduced to a secondary role due to air power. Either carriers will be as powerful as they ended up being, in which case who will drive a battleship, or they will tone it back and carriers will seem a half-hearted effort.

    We will see what we get in time I suppose.


  4. Bronte

    Despite my trouble with World of Tanks, there is something about a naval simulation that always gets me. I am actually really looking forward to this one.


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