Things I Hate About Twitter – The Babbling Company Feed

There are companies that do not get it.

Seriously, when I follow your company on Twitter, it is because I want to get updates about what your company is doing.

This is especially the case when the big name at your company invites people to follow with the promise of company information.

Okay, wow, cool, Richard Garriott‘s company, Portalarium is on Twitter.  They are going to tweet about their games in the works and more!  I’ll jump right on that and follow!

Only they are not really tweeting anything about their games.

Portalarium tweets since September 8th: 38

Portalarium tweets talking about Portalarium products: ~2

They actually tweeted this twice:

I submit that, technically, this is not really “about” their game at all, just a come-on to try and get people to download it and play.

I realize that some poor schmoe has been given the job of engaging with the community.  I realize this person must have a tough job, since apparently the company has given them nothing to talk about.  But this sort of crap is… well… crap!

We are not stuck in a god damn elevator together, you do not have to make conversation to pass the time.  If you have nothing to say, don’t say it!

Okay, yes, their twitter profile says, “Sharing interesting infobits on topics of interest to our company and employees and our industry!”  Which I guess makes Mr. Garriott the person to blame here.

And the fact that the main thing on the front page of their web site is the text:

Home of
Hall-of-Fame Game Designer,
Richard “Lord British” Garriott

along with what must be at least a 20 year old picture of gaming’s most famous space tourist should have probably tipped me off as to what I should expect.

7 thoughts on “Things I Hate About Twitter – The Babbling Company Feed

  1. Maarkean

    I just into Twitter and I’m finding it a mix. On one hand, following some people results in some fun conversations and some interesting information. Others, just turn into a stream of spam.

    One guy started following me, so I followed him back. He was advertising his self-published book, something I might do. But he posted hundreds of things a day. I lost all the cool stuff in the flood. I might have been willing to try his book, but not now.


  2. Gallaria

    I’m with you on that Wilhelm!

    In addition, it’s only 140 characters so at least spell the bloody words correctly! I don’t have a 7″ Android table; however I do have a 7″ Android tablet.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @TheRemedy – Hah!

    I actually like Twitter for certain things. There are a number of companies I follow, for example, that get it, that know when to post and when to shut up.

    There are, however, a lot of feeds not worth following in my opinion.


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