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Azeroth Travel Poster Contest – Win a Sparkle Pony!

It has been over a year since I had a real contest here at The Ancient Gaming Noob.

As I noted previously, the collapse of the World of Warcraft Magazine has left me in possession of surplus codes for a couple of companion pets and a celestial steed.

Celestial Steed / Sparkle Pony / Greed Steed

So to dispose of these excess codes… even my daughter has a sparkle pony… there will be a new screen shot contest.

The basic premise is, as always, simple.

You send me an in-game, World of Warcraft screen shot which you have turned into a travel poster enticing us all to visit exotic Azeroth.

This screen shot can be edited, cropped, Photoshopped, lettered, bent, spindled, mutilated or otherwise modified in any way you see fit, so long as it ends up in .jpg or .png format when I get it.

I look at all the entries and pick a winner.

I send the winner the code for the Celestial Steed, which is valued at $25 in the Blizzard Store!

Simplicity itself!

The devil is, of course, in the details, which are spelled out after the break.

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