Have the Goons Wrecked the EVE Economy Yet?

Because they were threatening to do that like a month ago with their Goonswarm Shrugged operation, and I haven’t seen much in the news about it since.

Sure, The Mittani brings up ganking regularly on Twitter.

And over at EVE News 24 there are editorials about CCP vs. the Goons or making high sec PvP free, both of which reference the the Goonswarm Shrugged ops, but which do not really go into detail.

So what is going on?  Have oxytopes quadrupled in price as predicted?  Are the Goons having an impact?

10 thoughts on “Have the Goons Wrecked the EVE Economy Yet?

  1. Jaggins

    Prices are way up, but not quadrupled. I think the ganking has slowed down, but from now on it will be easy to hit the systems again at will to shock the system. The sandbox is alive, well, and toothy.


  2. Knug Lidi

    Even if prices did quadruple, the eve economy would still be functioning.

    Goons cannot, through actions like this “wreck” the eve economy.

    All that will result is that conflict raises prices and those in the right place will profit. other prices will rise or fall, depending, and other folks will profit/lose.

    when these activities end, and they will end, prices will find a new price point.


    Stuff blows up, prices change. Nothing new under the sun,


  3. jds

    The ganking has caused prices to rise. The crippling of the economy isn’t going to happen … the idea was based on the fact that reaction farms for T2 items use Gallente towers which use the ice products the miners are mining… they can force prices higher but that’s it because you can change the reaction farms to using other tower types that use different types of ice. Unless you really spike the price on oxytopes way high (like 20x) and keep it there you can’t have a large impact … the percentage price-wise of any T2 item that is due to oxytopes cost is very low. If industrialists change out the towers then the entire ganking spree is fun but not terribly effective at anything but griefing the tower owners as a secondary target.


  4. Aufero

    To add to Knug Lidi’s summation: They’ve had an impact, but all they’ve really done is change which stuff is being blown up.


  5. Lewis Maskell

    I also get the sense this is running into the usual problem of these sort of endeavours – inertia. For all the talk about it, nonstop ganking appears to get fairly boring for the majority.

    I think when one has been in EVE for a few years, one just learns to expect everyone Goons and friends go on a hisec campaign. After the third or fourth time, it is difficult to get overly exciting by it.


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    From an anonymous source, a Goon communique:

    “Congratulations space friends. Today, in our glorious campaign against the Gallente Ice Miners, we reached a milestone of over 1000 mackinaws killed. Conservative estimates of total damage to mining barges and exhumers is at 280 billion isk.

    Conservative estimates of total damage to mining barges and exhumers is at 280 billion isk. This doesn’t include implants, lost productivity, the tripled costs of ice, and the untold billions in isk we’ve scammed from these poor saps. And let’s not forget the rage. You can’t put a price on rage.”


  7. Anonymous

    The Goons are a joke -and the industrialists are laughing their arses off.

    In the future, The Mittani and the Goons should avoid rather feeble attempts to manipulate markets and focus on what they do best – hiding in null sec, and whining to CCP about the need to nerf high sec.

    Oxytope prices barely doubled, and are leveling off – even dropping again in some regions. Demand for oxytopes has dropped by more than 50%, as industrial corps are exchanging Gallente/Serpentis towers for other racial/faction towers, and selling off their oxytope stockpiles at a net profit.

    Ice miners have adapted, too, by moving to ice fields in other regions, switching to asteroid mining, or switching from T2 exhumers to cheaper T1 mining barges, with T1 fittings. By switching to the insurable mining barges, the miners are actually winning the economic war, since each kill now costs the ganker more than the victim. The loss in productivity is being offset by the rise in ice prices. And the ship losses to date are offset by ISK which the miners made when the Goons first bought up all of the oxytopes on market.

    The smart thing for the Goons to do now would be to sell out their oxytopes, take their profit, and declare victory (which they will do in any case – no matter how badly things turn out), before decreasing demand crashes the price. Over the long haul, a sustained Hulkageddon is a losing proposition, ISK-wise, for the gankers.

    Ofc, the Goons could try to expand their efforts to include helium, hydrogen and nitrogen ‘topes, but, most of the industrialists have anticipated this possibility and have already stocked up the other fuels. So, the Goons have already missed this boat.

    Goons… lolololol….


  8. Raelyf


    You’re absolutely right.

    Except that actually, the Goons know all this. At least, the ones who call the shots certainly do. In all likelihood they bought their isotopes slowly and cheaply over months, and have long since sold them to everyone smart enough to anticipate the price hike but too dumb to see the dice had been rigged ahead of time.

    As always, the ones who got hit by this are the stupid, greedy or inattentive, the ones to get rich are the drivers and planners, and for the rest of us it’s mostly business as usual. That is the way of EVE, and what makes it the game we love.


  9. Anonymous


    Makes for a good story, if true (although I have reason to believe it is not).

    But, true or false, the Goons will claim that this was always the plan from the beginning, and it is pointless to argue with them about it. It is just part of being a Goon.

    @Serpentine Logic

    Yep, just like RL. Even if you were wrong, never admit it.


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