We’re going to wreck the entire EVE economy

Goonswarm Shrugged.

It’s time to inflict Goonswarm’s rage on Empire once again. Jihadswarm was a way for Goons to cause suffering and rage in unsuspecting pubbies, who (naturally) had no idea that they could be hurt in empire space. Unfortunately, Jihadswarm had few lasting effects on the EVE universe. By hitting everywhere, it failed to hit hard enough in any one spot. That all has changed now, as the finance team has come up with a way to hit a small slice of empire space, and yet have a much larger impact. The isolated pain of random pubbies is not enough. It is time for Goonswarm to hurt everyone in EVE, and so reap the misery of a wronged universe.

I knew it had been too quiet in EVE.

CCP hands out new captain’s quarters.

The Mittani throws the mob red meat.


4 thoughts on “We’re going to wreck the entire EVE economy

  1. Aufero

    Goonswarm: constantly pushing the limits of internet jackassery.

    Of course, I’ll be profiteering on this by building Mackinaws and Hulks again, so I can’t really complain.


  2. SynCaine

    It’s funny how ‘deep’ EVE gameplay gets. Like imagine trying to pull this off in WoW? Oh nooz, you bought out all the X on one server’s AH. The horror…

    How all these years later we are still seeing MMOs launch with shards/worlds/servers is beyond me, when year in, year out, we keep seeing examples of why one world is such superior design for an MMO.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – I remember being able to corner the market on certain commodities in EQ2 at times, much to my profit. But being able to interdict the market for something that every space station needs to consume. That is pure EVE.

    And, on the single shard thing, I do think one of the great successes of EQ2 Extended is that they have kept the game to a single world. There might be five versions of the same zone running at any given time, but you all use the same market and such.


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