Two Years of Tanks

World of Tanks is turning two years old, their launch date corresponding with Yuri’s Night back in 2011.


The game has come a long way since its launch two years ago.  I always point at patch 8.0 and the physics update as being a major turning point for me, bringing me back to the game.  But they have added so much to the game over time.

The celebration this weekend includes all sorts of special offers and boosts.  5x experience for your first victory of the day is usually enough, but there is a lot more than just that, as Mrrx detailed in his post on the subject.

For me, the discounts on tier VIII tanks, equipment, and crew retraining means that I will likely be driving my KV-4 before the night is through.  I will have enough credits to buy it, kit it out, and transfer the crew I have been training up for it in the Churchill III. (It is my old KV-2 crew, and is close to 100% on their first skill/perk.)  And I think I even have enough free experience to get through the gun upgrades.  I should be set to start out on the climb to my tier IX tank goal.

In fact, the KV-4 discount is keeping me from coveting the KV-5, which is available for a limited time again in the Gift Shop.

And there is a special second anniversary code that you can enter to get a few freebies, including a day of premium.


That code is single use and expires on April 24.  You have to log into the World of Tanks web site to redeem it for your account.  Last night they tweeted that so many people were redeeming the code that the process was lagging tremendously.

So I expect I will be playing a fair amount of tanks this weekend.  It should be interesting.  These sorts of events always draw in a mix of players, often making the public match maker even more lopsided than usual.  I expect a lot of people complaining about how horrible their team is, but I expect I will be too focused on learning a new tank to care much.

6 thoughts on “Two Years of Tanks

  1. Spidubic

    Been reading about your adventures in WoT for some time now and while I have the game until today I have not played. WoT has always looked like a lot of fun except for the fact it is PvP. Would prefer PvE but decided it is time to give it a go. Any hints or tips for a noob to WoT?


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Spidubic – There is now a tutorial in the game which covers the key basics. I have described the game as a “shooter for old men” at times because a lot of the tactics of FPS shooters, like bunny hopping and, to a certain extent, circle strafing, are not part of the game. Patience and positioning are emphasized more.

    It should be an… interesting… weekend as this sort of event always draws old players back.

    My only advice is to find a nation and tank tree that supports a play style that works for you and to mostly ignore the in-game chat. There will always be somebody criticizing you for playing your tank the way you think it should be played versus the way they think it should be.


  3. Spidubic

    Thanks! I have decided to dabble in the USA and the USSR light tanks for now to see how they play. Been in a few matches, actually survived a couple then got blown up. Learning that cocky gets me killed and when I am doing good to be careful since that will likely change soon.


  4. Drebin

    Let’s see…

    1) Direct assistance provided in form of tutorial references, and useful information on play-style within the game.

    2) Reasonable advice on getting started and on dealing with the in-game communications.

    3) No accusations of noobery, failure, complaints of new players watering down the game or the like.

    You really ARE an ancient gaming noob, aren’t you, Wilhelm? How can anyone take you seriously, like “Uninstall, plz, u newb!” seriously, if you’re going to provide actual fact and reasonable opinion.



  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Indeed, soon I am likely to start spouting nonsense like “don’t worry about the game, just have fun!”

    Though I do have one follow up tip: Do not get used to using the right-click auto tracking/targeting feature. One of the best things that happened to me in coming back to the game after a break was that I forgot all about it and just learned to aim and shoot on my own. That improved my game.

    Of course, there are other opinions on the subject.


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