Pesky Panzer I Ausf. Cs Attack

The Panzer I Ausf. C was introduced as part of the German light tank tree re-org, which also saw the Luchs pushed up a tier and given some new options. (That 3cm auto cannon is murder… but the nearly 20 second reload time is painful.)

These little beasties seem to have become something of the piranha platoon tank of choice.  I haven’t played much below tier VI of late, but last night Potshot were down in tier V and below and these things were all over the place.

At one point we were out in the Arctic Region map and a pair of them took a run at my Hetzer in what turned out to be a less than optimum attack.

(Direct link to video)

The first guy roars past but does not do much damage.  He attempts to circle around the rock failing to notice the big pit on the other side.  His pal catches me in the rear and flank and does do a lot of damage.  But he slows down and gets popped by a team member pretty quickly. (You can see tracer rounds from the team mate early in the video flying past me.)  Then I try to crush the first guy, who avoids my bulk.  But a 75mm round into him finishes him off.

The video is available at up to 720p.  In larger format you can see the first driver comment, “epic fail!”

4 thoughts on “Pesky Panzer I Ausf. Cs Attack

  1. HarbingerZero

    Those supposedly 90mm+ penetration 3cm rounds were bouncing off tier 5 mediums like the Panzer IV when I used it. So I switched to the 50 and load gold rounds – as a scout I’m not shooting all that much anyway. And that gives me better pen and damage both.


  2. mrrx

    The problem I had driving these things is they go over bumps fast, get airborne, and then the tracks are busted ! So I bought my first set of torsion bars for mine and we’ll see if I can keep from being detracked without a shot.


  3. Carolus

    I like mine, but in anything other than tier 3 battles its purely a scout/spg killer as it can’t harm a fly even with the best gun upgrade. Even AMX 38’s are impenetrable.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Well, in the video the one that got behind me did some serious damage to my Hetzer. I have another replay I need to post after I record it with Fraps of a match where 9 of the damn things, four on each side, join into a light tank melee with comedic results. I just have to find the right camera angles to do it justice.

    @HZ – I ended up going to the new top of the line 5cm gun after playing with the 3cm auto cannon for a bit. It is amusing, but not quite my play style.


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