Fortizar Down in Hakonen Again

Round three of the battle to secure a Fortizar in Hakonen ended pretty much the same way that the previous two attempts did, with the Fortizar in question exploding.  I sat on grid to watch it after most everybody else has stood down.

One might well paraphrase Wellington for this fight.  “We deployed it in the same old way and they blew it up in the same old way.”

The now familiar pattern started as the timer drew down.  They first arrived with Machariels and Abaddons supported by Apostles for triage.

Battleships spreading out on arrival

Then a cyno went up and the mass of super carriers and Apostles, with a few titans in support, jumped into the system.

Hostile supers on grid

They in turn put fighters and drones on the Fortizar, stopping the timer at 13m 51s, a point from which the repair cycle never budged.

Timer stopper

We had capitals on stand-by, but did not bring them out to face the super capital gauntlet again.  No aggressive drops of dreadnoughts in hope of knocking out a few supers happened.  We stuck with sub caps for this round.

I was with the ECM Burst fleet again, hovering on a perch in my Atron, waiting to be warped in on hostiles to break their target locks.

Again my Atron swoops down upon the foe

After a few runs my security status was down to -7.1.  I am no longer safe to wander through high sec.  I will have to do quite a bit of ratting at some later date to fix that.

Our main striking force was a pair of Typhoon fleets whose progress I could mark from my perch by following the explosions.

Typhoons blowing up, they didn’t align in time

At one point both Typhoon fleets warped in on the far side of the fight, putting the hostiles between themselves and the Fortizar.  I put my camera on the fleet as it began to erupt in a near continuous series of explosions.

They did not stay on grid for long, warping off after taking quite a few losses in exchange for a few Machariels.  Our defense was called off shortly thereafter.

The fight itself was not plagued by as much time dilation as the previous two rounds, something a people on coms were quick to attribute to the fact that many of the groups in the conflict declared war on each other since the last fight.  That was alleged to lighten the load on Crime Watch, though the fact that there were 800 fewer people in local for the fight seemed a more likely explanation to me.  The war decs will likely just mean less worry about gate guns firing on people.

The battle report reflects the fact that we spent less time on grid fighting, with total losses adding up to less than 10% of the second fight and only 25% that of the first.

Battle Report Header for Round Three

The ratio of losses remained close to the same 70/30 split of the previous two fights, so we are consistent on that front.  We clearly lost the ISK war, but we drew some blood.

As a skeptical line member, whose only insight into overall strategy is what he reads in the papers, I am not sure where this Fortizar plan is headed.  It was reported that the fight managed to cover the deployment of a couple more Astrahus citadels in hostiles space.  These “roach motels,” as they have been dubbed, are set to be open to anybody, so if you want to camp in Tribute or Vale of the Silent, there are now rest stops where you can tether and repair or dock up for the night.

Attempts to return the favor by dropping citadels in Delve have been thwarted so far.

And even as we were fighting last night, another Fortizar was anchoring in Hakonen.

Aptly named “Another One”

This Fortizar is different in two ways.

First, it is in a slightly different location, since it was deployed while the one that just died was also going online.  Everybody will have to make new bookmarks.

Second, it is set to anchor and hit its 15 minute repair cycle during EUTZ, giving out European brethren a bite at the apple and some content of their own.  Will Jay Amazingness and the European members of the Imperium fare any better than we in the USTZ have done?  I suppose we’ll get the answer about two hours after this post goes live.  The fun is supposed to start at some point after 18:00 EVE time.

Anyway, as the line member space tourist, I’ll keep logging on for these fights.  It is what I signed up to do.  Join the Imperium and see New Eden!

6 thoughts on “Fortizar Down in Hakonen Again

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Looking at the ship list on the battle report, we “only” lost 21 Typhoons, they just seemed to get popped in two quick bursts. That would have been an okay trade for the 10 Machariels we killed, but then we lost some Guardians and a Damnation and that suicide Megathron smartbombing group and some other assorted stuff that all added up.

    Oh, and the Fortizar. That too.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – I thought I saw you in local last night, but I mostly keep that window minimized in big fights as having it open affect clients performance, especially if TEST is in the system.

    If it were a Friday I might be WFH and could sneak a peek, but on a Tuesday I’ll have to make due with pings from Jay to tell me what is going on.


  3. Sendric

    This Fortizar seemed to go down much faster but that might have been due part to the reduced TiDi. True to form I got online late, but in time for a bomber ping that I thought may be going out to hit the opposing Macherials on the way out. We ended up bridging out on a Black Ops and linking up with a Typhoon fleet. I also got some sort of weird bug when I landed where my bomber flew off at ~18k meters per second for about a minute. I think the objective was a Titan kill from what I gleened on comms, but I don’t really know for sure. We did not get a Titan, but we did get a FAX:

    My bomber got popped but I got to a Roach Motel in my pod. There were no clone services or interceptors for sale so I just used the local’s Cloney Express at the gate. The most fun I have had with these Fortizars is the after parties that always seem to follow. I also think I love bombers.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Sendric – Yes, there was actually a stretch of time on grid when there was no tidi and the hostiles were shooting the Fort, which I am sure sped things up. And even when there was tidi, it rarely got down to the horrible 10% mark.

    I actually saw Asher’s ping for Typhoons, but I got in too late, arriving on coms just to hear about them not being able to get the titan and then not being able to get out because all the gates were bubbled. Judging from pings this morning, some people spent the night at the roach motel.


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