Honest Game Trailers – Fortnite

Honest Trailers did a video about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds months back, just when it was starting to rise in popularity, taking over the market briefly held by the now officially released (and suddenly free) H1Z1 soon thereafter.  But I skipped past that back then because the game hadn’t really hit its stride yet as a dominate player.

But now Honest Trailers has a video about Fortnite, the one-time co-op game that showed up to totally eat PUBG’s lunch, according to SuperData, for specific definitions of “lunch.”

The building part of Fortnite, even in its battle royale mode, does look interesting.

2 thoughts on “Honest Game Trailers – Fortnite

  1. .xyd

    Loving this game. In fact, I bought a PC to play the Battle Royale mode (haven’t played the other mode yet).

    Fast gameplay and nothing relaxing about a game. The randomly shrinking “storm” makes building substantial bases an exercise in futility most of the time — unless you happen to get lucky and build in the right location. The building component is rudimentary but critical to gameplay because as you near end-game those without shelter are quickly targeted. Love the fact that xp and equipment don’t mean squat.

    Totally digging this game. The only thing I break away from it for right now is UT.


  2. wowstorylines

    I haven’t tried the game just yet, still catching up with Legion, however, I have watched it streamed and it looks like fun. I know I don’t play much outside of the Blizzard games much, however, this one is tempting.


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