PlanetSide Arena

Daybreak said they would be announcing a new game come Thursday morning Pacific time.  And what they announced was PlanetSide Arena.

The word “new” obviously has some sort of alternate definition, because it didn’t look all that new to me on the stream.  It looked pretty much like PlanetSide 2, tired six year old graphics and all.

But then the stream made it clear that it really was PlanetSide 2.  Just PlanetSide 2 merged with just about every common shooter mode ever… including battle royale, because of course… with seasonal battle passes and achievement progression and as many as 500 players in a match.

Meet Battle Modes

Those are all the planned modes anyway.  Season 1 will have just two modes, and I know you can guess one of them without looking:

  • Massive Clash (250 vs. 250 group battle)
  • Battle Royale (Solos and Teams of 3)

So those who picked “PlanetSide 2 Battle Royale” in the pool win.  I would say something about Daybreak jumping on the battle royale bandwagon, but they pretty much started it with H1Z1.  I have my doubts about whether they’ll be able to take the lead with their second go-around.  Fortnite needs to stumble to be assailable.

The stream actually addressed where in the lore PlanetSide Arena occurs, which surprised me with the idea that the game had some sort of lore beyond factions.  Anyway, it takes place several decades after PlanetSide 2 in the timeline, after the war between the three factions led to a chaos where there are no factions.  Convenient… unless you’re into the faction thing.  Then no faction for you I guess.

Of course, the upside of just reworking a game you already have is that the development time is cut down dramatically.  So if you are dying to get your hands on PlanetSide Arena you only have about a month and a half to wait.

January 29, 2019

And, of course, there are pre-orders with special bennies available now.

At least the price is discounted

Oddly, the only place to pre-order seems to be Steam.  There is no direct from Daybreak purchase available.  I guess that means we’ll see how many people end up playing it via Steam’s stats.

Also, no mention of a PlayStation 4 version as yet.

So the revenue scheme here is box sales and season passes I guess.  That is probably not going to play well against Fortnite, which Epic gives away for FREE.

Also missing from the list is any mention of the Daybreak All Access subscription.  You know, that thing that the Daybreak installed base is likely already subscribed to.

The All Access pass is what PlanetSide 2 has largely depended on, which led Daybreak to say that the game was “really struggling” back in late 2015.  Since then the newer games in the stable, H1Z1 and the late Just Survive, have avoided the All Access pass, with H1Z1 even getting its own cash shop currency.  PlanetSide Arena appears to be avoiding the All Access pass as well, which I suspect will limit any halo effect benefits for PlanetSide 2.

I gather that the target audience is people who are not already invested in Daybreak.  Or, at least the installed base is being taken for granted.  That always works out well for companies.

Anyway, this is clearly not my thing.  But it is coming from Daybreak, so its performance does have some impact on a couple of games I do care about.   We shall see where this one goes.

Does this count as PlanetSide 3 from that rumors post?  It hits on a couple of notes, but really isn’t a new game.  Close enough though?

Anyway, this is where I would be linking to other bloggers talking about the first “new” game announcement out of Daybreak since its founding, but there aren’t any yet.  I thought waiting until the next day to post would give me a couple links.  We’ll see.

4 thoughts on “PlanetSide Arena

  1. Bhagpuss

    I’m counting it as another score for the rumor post. Only another 2-3 months and we should know the fuure of the two EQ MMOs. With the EQ 20th annivesary in the Spring and both games always announcing future plans including expansions in Producers’ Letters around that time, even silence will speak volumes. I feel it’s now more likely than not that I’ve played my final EQ2 expansion. I’m moving my sights to a well-managed maintenance mode for both games now, which would suit me quite well.

    I have absolutely no positive expectations for anything new from DBG, though. I don’t see any signs of interest or desire at the company to make another of the kind of games I’ve enjoyed from them up until now. I’ll look on whatever they come up with curiosity and if it has an EQ skin I’ll most likely try it but I’m not counting on anything being made with my particular tastes in mind.

    I would say I also don’t expect anything with much in the way of commercial appeal, but then I never thought H1Z1 would make money but it definitely did, at least for a while, so who knows?


  2. Izlain

    I’m basically done with the BR genre unless a game releases that has some new ideas. I see no new ideas with this title. Battlerite Royale is my current favorite due to being a MOBA style BR game. Realm Royale seemed to set itself apart by having classes, but then they went and removed them so I uninstalled. If every game is like H1Z1 or PUBG, I have no interest. Ditto that for Fortnite, whose building ridiculous towers in the middle of maps/firefights just makes it a mess.

    I’m hotly anticipating the death of this genre, despite its popularity. I was OK with a thousand MMO clones and a thousand MOBA clones, but this genre is pretty much shit.


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