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The Word I am Looking for is “Gerrymandering”

Gerrymandering may be used to achieve desired electoral results for a particular party, or may be used to help or hinder a particular demographic, such as a political, racial, linguistic, religious or class group.

-From Wikipedia

I live in California.  I know all about Gerrymandering.  We provide source material on the topic these days.

My State in Action

And apparently somebody is taking this idea from real world politics to try and “fix” the CSM election process.

Somehow I don’t think creating a convoluted election mechanism to punish players able to organize (in a game that rewards organization) is really addressing the issue when only ~15% of accounts even bother to vote for the Galactic Student Council. (~60K votes cast out of a population of ~400K accounts.)

One of my comments on the meeting minutes from the Spring summit of the CSM was that, based on their output, “the favored topic of CSM7 appears to be CSM7,” which certainly fits the student council model. (As opposed to the UN model, which would have been equally useful, but more entertaining to watch.)

My opinion on that remains unchanged.

But it does look like CCP is really the force driving this particular issue.  CCP seems to want a “better,” more broad based council and is frustrated by the fact that the groups successful in most political part of the game… null sec… are also successful in CCPs sandbox political game.  What a surprise!

That is the problem with creating democratic institutions.  It becomes hard to rig them to get the results you want without looking like you are rigging them merely to get the results you want.  But that isn’t going to stop CCP from trying I guess.

Maybe CCP should scrap the whole thing and go the SOE route.  Just create a “by invitation only” advisory group that they can whistle up and fly out at need for discussion and otherwise ignore.

What do you think?  Does the CSM have any value for the player base?

Addendum: CSM7 loses another supporter and Seleene is in there trying to quash criticism again by insisting that you can only know the real story if you talk to the CSM in person.  That worked out so well for Jester.

CSM7 Minutes – Quantity Has an Annoying Quality all its Own

I said elsewhere that I thought CSM7 was going to be damned to obscurity.

Not that being so damned is a reflection on the members of CSM7 or the efforts they are putting in to their jobs.  However, they will naturally be compared to CSM6 and there is almost no way they will stack up to that legacy.

There is the Great Man Theory that says figures will rise up due to the exceptional abilities to shape and leave a mark on the times in which they lived.

I tend more towards what I would call the “newspaper headline” theory.  You only get interesting headlines when something interesting is actually happening.  A so-called “Great Man” (or woman, or whatever you would call somebody of one sex using the avatar of the opposite sex) can only achieve greatness if the right opportunities arise.

Hi, my name is Peter! But you can call me Elise.

So it came to pass last year.  There was the crisis of Incarna.  To many players CCP seemed to have gone completely off the rails.  CCP gave us an expansion with a cash shop stocked with pants and expensive monocles, most of which nobody else could see.  The station view was replaced with the pretty… as in “pretty useless”… Captain’s Quarters.  CCP also wanted to license any use of EVE on the internet.  And then there was the leak of CCP’s internal newsletter where they rather vigorously explored was to monetize the game beyond the subscription.  The specter of epic spaceships and gold ammo on the market for real world money took the level or rage in the community and cranked it up to 11.

The CCP response to all of this took the form of repeatedly spraying gasoline on the fire via pronouncements from Chairman Hilmar.

So the moment was set for Council of Stellar Management, lead by The Mittani.

And the council… which I derided back at its origin as the Galactic Student Council, seeing it as a window dressing debating society or a junior league UN with members in it mostly for a free trip to Iceland… stepped up and became the voice of the protests.  It was prepared to bite the hand that created it even as CCP was flying the council out for an emergency summit.

It appeared that CSM6 emergency summit was an instrumental part of the effort to talk CCP off the ledge, though there was still a gap between CCP and the CSM.  While they did a joint video, the CSM released its own statement on the summit, since CCP still seemed to have the whitewash brush in their hand. (I’m still annoyed a year later about CCP trying to minimize the station changes as some sort of bizarre affection for “ship spinning.”)

Fences were mended.  Players calmed down.  And in the fall we got an expansion that was largely made up of fixes and improvements to things that players had been bitching about for ages.  Flying in space was again to be the main focus of EVE Online.

And the Council of Stellar Management came out of it looking like a major force in the game.

But now it is a year later.  A new council, CSM7, has been elected and they clearly want to leave their mark as well.  And while there was some drama between the election and their being officially seated, not much else has been going on.  Things have been very quiet.

CCP doesn’t seem inclined to go insane again just to give the CSM something to do.

So, in the absence of a crisis, CSM7 seems to be determined to build themselves a monument of words.  That has to be the explanation for the  165 page PDF file that constitutes the minutes of the two day CSM summit that took place back on June 1st.  You can find the whole enchilada here.

And the favored topic of CSM7 appears to be CSM7.

The document opens up with a 30 page transcript of the CSM talking about various aspects of the CSM.  They want rules.  They want rules to justify kicking somebody off the CSM.  They want rules about how they should communicate with the player base.  They want rules about the behavior of members of the CSM in game.  They are worried about voting.  They want to elect their own chairman rather than having it go to the candidate with the most votes.  They bring up The Mittani nearly a dozen times.

The transcript starts off  in as amusing in a way, and Trebor adds in his own tidbit about transcribing the discussion about transcriptions that adds a bit more humor, but the whole thing quickly becomes a too long warning against doing transcriptions.  The CSM is made up of people, and we get to see them exposed as such as you read along.

They are trying to be witty or amusing.   They have personal agendas or axes to grind.  They seem to obsess about petty hair splitting.  But most of all, they seem to be very much focused on themselves for 30 freaking pages to no useful purpose.

If you wanted to put together document to reinforce the Galactic Student Council image, you would have to work to top that opening segment.  I bet this document is going to come back to haunt some people come next CSM election.

Not that the whole thing lacks for interesting tidbits.  You can mine the 165 page document for a few updates, though nothing besides the CSM talking about itself appears important enough to take up nearly 20% of the total length.

Jester, in his usual OCD way, has gone through the document and come up with a list of interesting points.

Now I realize that the CSM is a part-time job in addition to the members real and virtual lives and that the position, as Hans Jagerblitzen pointed out, has conflicting aspects of its own.  But if you want to make your jobs easier, next summit stick to more traditional minutes and give us a few pages of details.  More substance, less… whatever the hell you want to call that CSM section.

And yes, I know some loud people were clamoring for a detailed “who said what” during the last CSM, but there are always some loud people clamoring for something in EVE.  We don’t have to listen to all of them, do we?

Of course, you don’t have to listen to me either.

But if people have questions about your summary, you can bet they will ask.  And then you can engage with the community which you were elected to represent.  Or not.

So who has read the whole thing, word for word so far?

Seleene Elected Chairman of CSM 7

With the downfall of The Mittani after his clear electoral victory, the new Council of Stellar Management’s first order of business was to elect a new Chairman and Vice Chairman.

While the position of Chair goes to the candidate who receives the most votes, if the Chair needs to be replaced, the whole council, sitting members and remote alternates together, elect a  new chair.

And so it was that Seleene was elected Chairman of CSM 7 despite having received the fewest votes of any of the seven initial sitting members of the council.  The vote was near unanimous.  Seleene was opposed by Two Step, but received 12 of the 13 votes from the council, with only Two Step voting for himself.  If you cannot get your own vote, you are really in trouble I guess.

The position of Vice Chairman went to Trebor Daehdoow… who yes, is the guy who co-wrote Wizardy all those years back… how awesome is that… who came in fifth place in the overall CSM voting.

Two Step was elected to the position of CSM Secretary while Hans Jagerblitzen, a remote member of the CSM, was elected to the position of Vice Secretary.

And, UAxDEATH, who came in 8th place was elevated from an remote/alternate member of the council to a sitting member.

The only question is, how will this new council perform?

For all you can say about The Mittani, I feel he did an excellent job as Chairman of CSM 6, which is why I supported him publicly for CSM 7.  But he was also in that position when a crisis came to the EVE community, so he was given a very public test of his abilities with the Incarna and RMT Plan explosions.

Leaders in eventful times are often judged great despite their flaws due to the backdrop of history, while able leaders in quiet times fare less well in the eye of history.

What will the fate of CSM 7 be?  Will CCP give them a way to shine, either through planning or by screwing up yet again?  Or will CSM 7 be like the councils before CSM 6, and seem more widow dressing than anything else?

And will The Mittani, with his the plans to burn down Jita on April 28th to test CCP, give the council its place in the spotlight?  Will that be a gift or a burden for the new council?

I suppose we will see in about a month.

(Hat tip to Jester for pointing at the new council post, and for his eerily insightful pre-election characterization of the candidates.)

The Mittani Removed from CSM7, Banned from EVE for 30 Days

CCP has come out with their ruling on the actions of The Mittani at the Alliances Panel at the 2012 FanFest in Iceland.

It was determined that his behavior violated the terms of service of the game.  The Mittani voluntarily stepped down from the chairmanship of CSM 6, which runs out its term early next week, and from the chairmanship of CSM 7.

CCP issues a 30 day ban from the game and declared that he had also forfeited his right to sit on CSM 7.

The Latest Goon Image

A more detailed look at this and what it means can be found here.

So The Mittani, who had just received an unprecedented 10K votes in the CSM 7 elections, securing him the chairmanship for another term and giving him a clear mandate to continue his policies, has seen all that come to naught due to his actions at the alliance panel.

The results announced on March 24

The ban will not affect his position as the leader of the Goonswarm.  The Mittani is famous for running the alliance while rarely ever logging in.

As Jester pointed out, and The Mittani confirmed, one of the The Mittani’s problems has been wearing hats that represent conflicting roles.  Being the leader of Goonswarm, the mastermind behind the most controversial alliance in EVE, is a role that does not mesh well with being the chairman of the CSM, which is a political position that requires being a good citizen.

Relieved of the second responsibility, The Mittani now returns to the role that built his reputation, the leader of Goonswarm.

And his first post-ban declaration is that Tenal must burn.  The State of the Goonion broadcast announcing this can be found here.

The war with Raiden will go from harassing cross-board exchanges to a full scale conflict.

The fury of the Goons will be thus focused.

April 4 Addendum: Seleene has been elected Chairman of CSM7.

The Mittani Retains Chairmanship for CSM 7

The results of the election for the EVE Online Council of Stellar Management have been announced.

The Mittani, Chairman of CSM 6, pulled in the most votes again this time to retain the position as chairman of CSM 7.  He managed to obtain more than 10,000 votes, which is nearly as many as the next three candidates combined.

The Top 4 Winners

The vote tallies for all of the candidates have been posted by CCP.

The Mittani has promised a celebration in Jita when he returns from Iceland.

The members of CSM 7 will be (along with their total votes received):

The Attending Council Members (Flying to Iceland)

The Mittani(Alexander Gianturco)  10,058
Two Step (Joshua Goldshlag)        4,150
Elise Randolph (Peter Farrell)     3,714
Greene Lee (Dmitriy Vasiliev)      3,329
Trebor Daehdoow (Robert Woodhead)  3,184
Kelduum Revaan (Paul Cammish)      3,163
Seleene (Mark Heard)               2,845

Remote/Alternate Members (On the conference calls)

UAxDEATH (Mikhail Romanchenko)     2,465
Hans Jagerblitzen (Noah Garaas)    2,439
Meissa Anunthiel (Stephan Pirson)  2,289
Dovinian (Tyler Lehfeldt)          2,284
Issler Dainze (Michele Boland)     1,561
Alekseyev Karrde (Gregory Russo)   1,533
Darius III (Joseph W Morris)       1,282

Meanwhile, in some sort of fit of Icelandic crazy, CCP announced the following:

Video cards for PLEX? Upgrade your game machine via ratting/mining?

What does that portend?