The Vote for CSM7 Has Begun

Just about four years ago, when CCP instituted the Council of Stellar Management, I mocked it as the Galactic Student Council, something with nice titles and no real power, an institution to be co-opted by CCP,  A marketing ploy.

And then came Incarna and talk of pay to win, which was a disaster.

And CSM6 stood up to CCP and became the voice of the players and CCP ended up having to deal with their pet parliament, which suddenly was off the leash and no longer a tame lapdog.

The members of CSM6 were all heroes in the war against Incarna, and all of them deserve our thanks.

But for me, one voice stood out.  So now that the voting for CSM7 has begun, I know who will be getting my vote.

We all seen that our vote matters, so vote wisely.  Keep the CSM an independent voice.  Vote Mittens.

13 thoughts on “The Vote for CSM7 Has Begun

  1. Lewis Maskell

    Mmmm, I won’t be voting for The Mittani – even though I agree with him on lots of things. I haven’t looked at all the other candidates, but from past rounds Trebor, Selene, Aleksyev Karrde, and Roc Wieler are ones I will be looking at closely.

    Something about The Mittani just rubs me the wrong way.


  2. Hull

    I didn’t vote for Mittens…but then i seriously doubt he needs any more random votes. He’ll romp it in.


  3. rcox

    I agree with Lewis Maskell – Some of what he has done has been usefull. But I don’t tolerate those that are unable to respect the opinions of others.

    He’ll still get in, so I’m not going to waste my vote on a sure thing.


  4. SynCaine

    Also did Mittens instruct you guys to go out and do PR for him? I had a goon in my public channel preaching the virtue of Mittens last night.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @rcox – Do you have an example of that? I mean, if you could point to people on the CSM or at CCP who said they can’t work with him because he won’t listen to people, that would be something to think about.

    And, frankly, I would be less enthusiastic about him if he was mock-enthusiastic about every hare-brained scheme that came along.

    Or, as the drunken predator drone tweeted this morning:

    “‘You gotta respect everyone’s beliefs.’ No. You don’t. That gets us in trouble. You have to reserve the right to go “That’s fuckin’ stupid.””

    He has game issues he wants to see changed, some of which are against interest for his own alliance, but which would make the game better. And if you listen to his debate with Riverini, I think he expresses well what the CSM should be doing and what the power of the chairman can be. But to be the chairman, he needs to win the most votes, so every vote does count.

    @SynCaine – Mittens was on Jabber asking people to get out the vote, though I had already done this post before that started. The Goons have their own exit poll so they have a sense of how many of their own member have voted.

    And, technically, I am not a goon. I am in the TNT alliance which happens to be a goon ally at the moment. Though, that depends on how you define goon I suppose. I do have a Something Awful account, though I do not post very often, and so do not meet the qualifications to join the goons in EVE.

    Plus, I voted for him for CSM6, back when I was a high sec, mission running pubbie, and that turned out pretty well.


  6. Gaff

    Believe it or not, it is a myth that anyone, Mittens included, “instructs” us how to interact with the public or play the game, besides coalition fleet compositions. The people who are in Goonswarm, and the greater CFC actually want to be there. We believe and his record proves that he is the best canidate for the game right now. Chalking up his wide support to some sort of coercion misses the strength of his record and his voter-appeal for the coming term.

    Oh, and we are going to be on the 4-4 undock soon to celebrate.


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