Daily Archives: September 8, 2007

Tabula Rasa: The New Auto Assault?

Just look at some of the reviews and impressions showing up since the lifting of the NDA and you start to get a very familiar vibe.

People think that Tabula Rasa is fun, very action oriented, and that you can get past any barriers to play, like the controls, pretty quickly.

But overall it lacks the depth that would keep them playing over the long haul, at least at $15 a month.

Is the industry going to learn another harsh MMO lesson?

If one action MMO dies… well it could have just sucked.

If two falter… two points are all you need for a trend line that allows you to jump to a premature conclusion.

Are action oriented games just not suited for a $15/month subscription plan?

Check out these posts to find out where I am coming from:

I would write me own set of general impressions about the game, but in the end they wouldn’t vary much from any of the above:  Interesting, fun, not deep enough to keep my attention long enough to be worth a subscription fee.

What do we have to do to get something fresh that will stick in the MMO world?