Daily Archives: September 24, 2007

Another Training Hill to Climb

Sunday my miner started on the last big skill towards his goal.  Mining Barge level 5 will take a little over 24 days to train.

On the bright side, once this skill is trained there is are only two more days of training to go before I can fly a Hulk.

In anticipation of this, and because I had the money, and because there were only 8 on the market when I last checked, I spent the ISK and bought my Hulk.

118,000,000 ISK. 

That would be the most I have ever spent on anything in-game by a large margin. 

Still, the mining guide I have been reading had the calculation for how soon a Hulk would pay itself off assuming you already owned a Covetor.  40 days was the result, but it assumed a selling price of 500 million ISK.

At 118 million ISK, and since I am still flying the Retriever, I am pretty sure the pay off period will be much shorter for me.

For now though, I have to keep mining.  I will need to equip this Hulk some day.