CCP Cracks Down On Gangs

Yesterday I noticed that the name for groups in EVE Online changed in patch 2.3 from gang to fleet.  Since I did not see this change listed in the release notes for patch 2.3, so I was a little confused (situation normal) when I was logged on and trying to for a group with Wilhelm and my miner for some mining/hauling ops.

Was this intentional on the part of CCP?

I thought in EVE that a fleet was a multi-group organization, the equivalent of a raid in games like EverQuest of World of Warcraft.

And, for me at least, a fleet implies a lot more ships than a single group would likely include.

I think the naval term that they should have gone for was’ squadron,’ which is generally used to denote a formation of ships that is, or may be, a subordinate component of a fleet.

But this is just one of many terminology usage and constancy nits I have to pick with EVE Online. 

4 thoughts on “CCP Cracks Down On Gangs

  1. sollaires

    I’m pretty sure it’s a bug. Currently, if you aren’t grouped and use the “Invite SoAndSo to a Fleet”, you’re just inviting them into a gang. If you want make an actual fleet, you’ll have the same option to turn the fleet into a fleet.


  2. g0thicicecream

    I could have sworn I had both gang and fleet listed yesterday in the initial drop down for inviting someone to gang…I could be wrong tho…I do remember thinking, well that’s nice, you can just bypass gang all together now…


  3. Debes

    Trigger64: If you don’t have gang bonuses to propagate in the first place, there’s little point in the fleet conversion.. :)

    As to the original post, the fleet structure is a bizarre amalgamation of naval (fleet) air scout (wing) and ground pounder (squad) terminology.

    I don’t think anyone ever made the mistake of accusing CCP of being consistant though. Just look at item bonuses…


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