Yahtzee vs. EVE Online

EVE Online makes it to Zero Punctuation.

I mean, you know he’s going to hate it, right?

It will just be a matter of how much you either laugh or get pissed off.

Of course, WordPress.com won’t let me embed it, so go see it here.

I put it up there with the “Breathtaking Dogfights” video.

(Thanks to Bluelinebasher for finding this during working hours.)

12 thoughts on “Yahtzee vs. EVE Online

  1. michael, St Erroneous

    This provoked much giggling in corpchat, and an severe outbreak of “Head-Shoe Wearer” titles. Splendid!


  2. Mynxee

    Oh hahaha! The ZP tirade was hiliarious…and even funnier, I sorta can’t disagree with his FACTs but he completely misses the bigger picture which is sorta where Eve’s appeal seems to reveal itself. Either that or I’m simply one of the sad, pathetic geeks he mentions.


  3. Regis

    Actually I have played only a bit longer than Yahtzee and I pretty much agree with him, the game is boring. Maybe the game is really fun if you spend more time, but it’s hard to swallow.

    Oh and Breathtaking Dogfights was spot on. There is action is fighting, but mining is just dead boring :P


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    But did you go look up tactical logistics reconfiguration?

    It does indeed let you operate triage modules, and reduces the activation cost in strontium calthrates by 50 units per level you learn.

    I’m 44 days away from even being able to train it. I’m so on it.


  5. WTM

    I have to admit it left me giggling…. as in a large part he is right.

    Eve players are the MMO players, that other MMO players make fun of (why don’t they go back to their elves and leave us alone).


  6. syncaine

    I don’t know, I just don’t get the appeal of that guy.

    I mean when you start your review with “I won’t join a corp and instead play an MMO solo”, you might as well say “I don’t care to make this fun”

    He makes cute references and has good voice editing, but those aside it’s your average uninformed forum troll post.


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