WAR on Gold Sellers

Mark Jacobs was not kidding.  It is WAR, and it is war on gold sellers.

A very public, very individual war, with gold selling spammers being rooted out and banned on the spot.  And each selected bannings get a server wide announcement like this:


All very in character, as you can see.

I can hardly wait to see if this will get a little Tipa sarcasm as well.

14 thoughts on “WAR on Gold Sellers

  1. Kinless

    Trouble is, I can ignore the chat channel. The gold spammers are whispering me and their dark blue text isn’t really legible for me. I barely noticed their existence.

    But when Mythic throws this box up on the screen, it blocks anything else there is, and it shows up at the worst times. This is what spammers would do, if they could. Instead it’s Mythic themselves???

    Why am I expected to have to acknowledge their banning somebody by clicking OK? Dumping this box on my screen whenever they feel like it and making me click a button to make it go away is far worse than some dark blue text I can ignore.

    Ban the gold sellers by all means. Do it with a passion and vengeance. But don’t make me have to take an action everytime they do it, however IC and amusing it may be. If there’s a /yell feature, they can use that. Maybe they can use their official forums to post progress against the gold sellers or something.

    I’m glad they’re banning gold sellers, I wish they’d be quiet about it, though, and let me play the game.


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  3. nerrollus

    Thank god! Gold selling in WAR is already out of hand and it’s only been out a couple weeks. I was online for 1.5 hours today and got 12 tells for gold spamming.

    They seriously need to implement a system like WoW and LOTRO has for reporting gold spammers. I was getting tells from the same three people over and over … ugh.


  4. Twanni

    I don’t like this.
    As pointed out I can filter my chat but not unwanted pop-ups.
    Especially if all it is is GM’s patting themselves on the back for fighting a symptom of something inherently wrong with their game at a structural level…
    The Strike Team mentioned on Mark Jacobs’ Blog had better be focusing on issues like how to prevent gold spammers from hopping in- and out of every Open Party in sight to spam and run.


  5. tipa

    Number of gold spammers in Wizard 101: 0.

    You can’t send tells to people not on your friends list, and both parties have to agree to befriend each other. Strike one.
    You can only speak in correctly spelled words in their dictionary, and you can’t type web site addresses. Strike two.
    The only tradeable items in Wizard 101 are treasure cards that you cannot sell to merchants for gold. You cannot trade gold or loot to anyone. Strike three.

    Gold farming could end tomorrow, but devs are unwilling to make it happen.


  6. Relmstein

    I consider Tipa to be the counterpoint to Keen and Graev. She can only hate on Warhammer as much as they man crush on it. I’d honestly be scared if everyone liked it, would make me think that EA was starting to buy up blogs.


  7. Tipa

    I’m not a WAR hater! Why does everyone keep SAYING that!?

    Just because I don’t play it doesn’t mean I hate it. Usually I have to play a game for awhile, like FFXI Online, before I know it well enough to hate it.

    Sure, I make fun of it, but that isn’t the same thing as hate.


    Someone point out to me where I ever said I hated WAR or anything about it…

    People call me a hater because I am not posting love songs to WAR on my blog. Aren’t enough people already fallen head over heels in love with the game, that my adulation isn’t required?


  8. *vlad*

    Pop-ups are as annoying as whispers and chat spam. I don’t think it will be too long before this feature disappears.


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  10. Tio

    While I agree that a right-click report option would be nice, all I do is /ignore idiot_name. If you’re getting tells over and over from the same people, ignore them… not a new concept.


  11. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    “I’m not a WAR hater! Why does everyone keep SAYING that!?”

    Well, I am certain that, from a certain zealous fanboy point of view, your now 7 part “Straight Talk Warhammer” series of posts has moved from snark, through sarcasm, and into the hate column.

    You are guilty of mocking that which they hold dear.

    The other night in game I heard a Witch Hunter NPC say something about putting half a town up on the gallows rather than let one heretic go free. That seemed to hit the mark for me.

    Meanwhile, those who are tired of the hype and rabid fanboy frenzy may well see and applaud your ongoing commentary as “sticking it to Warhammer” and assume hate that is not actually there.

    Me, I just liked the bit about wizards and fire. Soon every game will be copying that!

    @Tio: I never get a gold spam tell from the same name twice. Now, that may mean that the support staff banning program is working well, but it also means that /ignore is pretty much a waste of time.


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