My List for Obama

A lot of people seem to be coming up with lists for the President Elect (until tomorrow) about what they think he should focus on or do upon the assumption of the mantle of the President of the United States of America.

I read a couple (in print, so no links) this weekend that sounded remarkably like whiny posts you might see on the Blizzard or SOE official forums.

With the door open like that in front of me, I decided to make my own list of priorities for the new president.

Things I want answers to:

In addition, I’d like to see full Warren Commission-like investigations into the closures of Tabula Rasa and Auto Assault, the ongoing development of Hero’s Journey, and who was really behind the NGE.

With the answers to those questions, I think we can all rest easy.

Or did I miss something important?

6 thoughts on “My List for Obama

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    After getting through the November/December of product releases, holidays, and illness, I finally went to check in on his site and found it had been turned into some domain sellers ad plastered spam site.

    I hope he’s okay as well and just so immersed in work and job satisfaction that he no longer needed the outlet.


  2. Gooney

    What happened to TR and AA? For TR its easy, cost of development was higher than could reasonably be recouped in a time frame short enough to make the investment viable, plain and simple business decision.

    AA’s problem was most likely operational cost, it costs roughly the same to run an MMO with 5k subs as it does one that has 50k. Part of the problem was that AA was simply not marketed sufficiently, I suspect though that people simply didn’t believe that it was worth the price of a normal subscription. Given the competition and the reality that most players only carry one sub at a time, its easy to see how a fringe title like AA would have a problem with that type of contest.

    Just go take a look at NCSofts performance for 2008 no board is going to keep throwing good money after bad forever, they gambled that TR would perform better than it did (what choice did they have? They had already invested in it so they may as well try to launch it). Besides, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see that TR at its current subscription rate and growth rate would have to run about 20 years to recoup Lord British’s dev costs.



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