Daily Archives: January 26, 2009

Shut Up We’re Talking #41

Shut Up We’re Talking,” one of the podcasts in the VirginWorlds Podcast Collective, now has episode Forty One available.

For the first show of 2009 we look out on the cold, cold world and shiver a bit.

Hosts Darren and Karen are joined by Shawn Schuster of Massively and myself, with a bit of drive-by podcasting by Michael Zenke in the mix.

  • Introductions – Mostly the usual suspects
  • What We’re Playing – Suddenly LOTRO is back in style
  • Listener Mail – From Sara Pickell and Delph
  • MMO Spending in 2009 – Spurred somewhat by Tobold’s post, though some of us were already thinking along these lines, we muse over what the state of the economy will mean to MMOs and our own MMO spending.
  • Killing the Executive Gamer – From Darren’s post, provoked by the Gamers with Jobs Conference Call #116, we talk about whether we can or cannot stop analyzing a game and just enjoy playing it.  Dr. Richard Bartle is mentioned at least once.
  • Blog of the WeekComplete Heal by Lazaretto, whom you may recognize from the EQ2-Daily forums.
  • Out Takes – Includes inaccurate and libelous statements about me hating Dr. Richard Bartle, plus something about Darren drinking white wine that comes in a box.

Another fun episode.

You can download it via iTunes or here at VirginWorlds.