Daily Archives: January 22, 2009

A Milestone Doubled

Back in early September I hit an EVE Online milestone having amassed one billion ISK.

Saturday night when I logged into EVE, I was a bit surprised to see I was closing in on the next milestone.

My wallet showed:


And, thanks to some overnight shopping, when I got up Sunday morning it said:


Two billion ISK!

I actually worked… well, not hard… but rather diligently to lay the groundwork to get that first billion.

And the next 500 million was pretty much momentum.  I kept stuff up on the market, ran some missions, and did some kernite trading.

But that last half billion, that was almost all Badgers, warp core stabilizers, and Widowmaker missiles.

There was also a bit of tech II sales going on.  Nothing big though.  Mining crystals and expanded cargoholds are what I dabble in when it comes to invention.  When you’re not playing every day, you don’t get so hung up in how long it takes to make copies of blueprints or build up a supply of datacores.

However, I am now running out of some raw materials.  I cannot keep making Badgers or other items unless I start buying minerals on the market or get out there and mine some more.  Since they key item I need of late is Tritanium I hate to bother paying market prices when I can just go out and mine veldspar.  So it is time for me to get the Hulk out of storage and start burning down some asteroids.

I also have to put one of my plentiful raw materials to work for me.  All that ISK just sitting in my wallet is not doing me any good.  I set out and placed over 50 million ISK in buy orders right away to restore my sales stock.

Of course, that meant I had two billion ISK for only a short while.  A pile of it is in escrow.  But that is just seeds for the next billion.

And I seem to have a whole pile of kernite sitting out in the middle of nowhere.  I may yet want to invest in that freighter.