The Moment…

Server:  Eldre’Thalas

Location:  Sholazar Basin

Date:  July 8th, 2009, 7:11pm local time

Tistann hits level cap!

Tistann hits level cap!

In one of those “couldn’t have planned it” moments, Potshot was taking a break from Runes of Magic, popped on and asked how close I was to 80.  I did not answer, preferring to make the four kills that put me over the top and broadcast the answer to all the guild.

Amusing, but the final sentiment in that chat is true enough.  Until that very moment I was mentally planning to grind enough cash to get Tistann an epic flyer, to work on Argent Crusade faction because they have a nice gun upgrade for him at revered, to get his leatherworking skill notched up the last bit to 450, and to generally keep working on him as a character.

And then the moment passed and my enthusiasm went from aggressive to passive.

Now what?

Now what?

Why bother?  No matter what equipment upgrades I get, they will be outdone by the first green drop I get in the next expansion.  There is not even the achievement incentive, since Vikund is my achievement character and currently all that is character, not account, based.

Of course Blizzard knows that this is going to happen.  Not only do you get an achievement, but you also get a message with a present when you hit level 80.


Rhonin says “Fight on!”  And keep paying us that monthly subscription!

Still, he sent a couple of nice things.

The potions will probably go the instance group, since Tistann gets by pretty well with the next tier down of healing potions.  The fireworks I’ll have to think about.  Is there an achievement involving those?

I might still go work on Argent Crusade faction and get that gun.  My daughter, who was standing next to me when Tistann hit 80, immediately asked if she could do some battleground with him this weekend.  Arming him up will help her out with that.

And I should probably dual spec, since beast mastery is great for the PvE world, but is not so useful in PvP.

And Blizzard doesn’t have to worry too much about losing my subscription money.  I have plenty of other characters I want to play.  I haven’t even finished the Death Knight starting quests.

But if I were a single character player driven only by levels, I might be headed out at this point.

11 thoughts on “The Moment…

  1. dave

    Ok first off, gratz.

    Second, to me, reaching the level cap was something I wanted to do quickly, because it was only then I could start getting gear for my toons to see the end content.

    Does the end content (10-25 man raids) not appeal to you at all?


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author


    On the end game content, the raids do not appeal to me mostly because we don’t have a raiding group. We have 5 people, that means non-raid instances only.

    And while finishing those off does appeal to me, at least with my other character, history shows that once we hit the level cap, our groups stops running instances.

    So far we haven’t found something that will replace the experience bar as a driver for our very casual group. Achievements might be the thing. We shall see.


  3. smakendahed


    And that’s exactly the feeling I had when I hit level 70 back in TBC with my Ork Hunter. I started doing some rep farming and cash farming to prep for raiding. I was pretty excited… a couple of days later I unsubscribed.

    I regret it though. I ended up coming back with WotLK and I’m still playing it even after hitting 80 awhile ago.


  4. Green Armadillo

    This expansion contains many more cosmetic rewards (pets, titles, mounts) than WoW has had in the past. It also adds the new heirloom items, which bind on account and scale down to approximately the quality of a level-appropriate blue item for your sub-80 characters. The next patch will add a tabard that teleports you to the daily quest hub where you can do dailies for pets, mounts, and a squire that will serve as a portable bank.

    Part of that may be driven by achievements (espec on the pet and mount collector front), but I wonder if part of it isn’t also a search for more durable/persistent rewards. You will replace every piece of gear you’re wearing, but appearence rewards still look just as cool in another 10 levels.

    Anyway, grats on 80! I would recommend that you try and coax your peoples into completing each 5-man instance once if at all possible. It probably isn’t worth your while to do them more than once if you’re not sticking around for the endgame, but they all have their own quirks and gimmicks that make them fun to explore. Likewise, the single player quests through to level 80 are well-crafted, and Blizzard will ensure that the next expansion adds enough new ones to get to 90.


  5. KJP

    “No matter what equipment upgrades I get, they will be outdone by the first green drop I get in the next expansion.”

    Not necessarily so, this time.

    Over howls of protest from many in the hardcore raider set, Blizzard is planning in patch 3.2 to give 5-man heroic dungeons the same badge-currency that is currently exclusive to Ulduar. A steady accumulation of those over time (even if you only go at a pace of, say, one heroic dungeon every other week) should net you at least a few pieces of gear that should last you into the mid-80’s, by the time those levels become available.

    In the meantime the (non-heroic) Halls of Stone and Lightning await…


  6. Varakkys

    Have you thought about having a crack at the old level 60 20-man raids (Zul Gurub and AQ20)? They should be perfectly doable with a group of 5 80’s. Similarly, the BC 10-man raids. The rewards may be no good to you but there are some great encounters to experience. There are even a couple of super-rare mounts to be had in ZG if you’re really lucky.


  7. NoAstronomer


    As other have said, even if you can’t do the Wrath raid content there’s plenty of stuff to blow up. The heroics bosses have different abilities so although the setting is the same you’ll need to really work as a team to beat them.


  8. bags999

    ROFL – Gratz & Well done
    u made it :)
    I always love it when u just make it in time to really answer mates questions properly – DING in gchat
    Lots of ways to get easy EPIX now
    Depending on your funds & prof’s, there are many nice craftable gear, that’s not too dear nowadays
    Definately do WG as the titan stuff isn’t too bad (many with hit on them)
    IMO you could make a solid core for a raid, try VoA first then Naxx, many groups are doing it with less than 20 ppl now
    But yeah, 3.2 will really bring back the Heroics in a big way /cry

    Just stopped by to say thx for the eve posts, wow, what a diff game


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