My Daughter in Dalaran

My daughter shouted “I got a mage portal to Dalaran!” from across the room.

I said something agreeable then stopped to think for a second.

“Which character is now in Dalaran?” I asked.

It was her level 16 blood elf.

I thought about this some more.

“That character is on your account right?  You’re not using my account are you?”

This was her account.

Her account does not have Wrath of the Lich King enabled on it.  It only has The Burning Crusade, and the only reason it has that is because she really, really wanted to make a blood elf.

I went to go look over her shoulder, to be sure she really was in Dalaran.  She was.

The iMac has Lich King installed on it because I sometimes play on that machine, especially when I want to do something in Dalaran.  It is laggy, but it does not crash on me at least.  WoW has this quirk where you cannot play on a machine unless it has all the expansions on it to which you are entitled.  It you have Lich King enabled on your account, you can’t play on a machine with only the base game or Burning Crusade.

She got fed up with Dalaran pretty quickly, it being extra laggy on a weekend evening.

I guided her to the flight point.  An investment in the future.  Should she ever get that character to Northrend, having that flight point will be a help.

After that I showed her where the portals to other towns were.  I had to figure that one out myself, never having been on the horde side of town, but it wasn’t a huge mystery.

From there she wanted to go to Shattrath.

I left her wandering around there for a while, but when I checked back she was in Orgimmar.  Shattrath is only fun if you have a flying mount it seems.

I told her she should have set her hearth stone in Shattrath, then she could recall and use the portal to any of the major cities.  She liked the sound of that, but not so much as to regret leaving Shattrath before she had done it.  She can do that later, she said.  After all, she’s only level 16 on this character.

I’m going to have to figure out how she got into Dalaran.

7 thoughts on “My Daughter in Dalaran

  1. Green Armadillo

    The Dalaran hearthpoint is even better, because you get all the choices for Shattrath, plus the Caverns of Time. Of course, this is provided that your machine can survive the city.

    No idea how you get there on an account that isn’t flagged, though. Mage portals to Exodar were a problem in the TBC beta, but they fixed them relatively quickly.


  2. Gallaria

    I’ll be curious to see how she got there, too. Maybe she’ll tell me (grandma) when I come to visit.

    After today, at least raids are out of the question until we get much, much closer to level 80, which with all our wanderings, character creating/deleting, realm jumping, etc. may not happen in my lifetime.

    It’s still a lot of fun though!


  3. saylah

    I was super peeved to learn that an acct enabled for an xpac MUST have the xpacs installed to play. My nephew came to spend the night and wanted to play WOW. He knew that I’d reactivated the monster acct with all of our high level chars. I was 3 boxing and he wanted to be the 4th and tank RFD for me. We re-installed WOW on a different pc but it wouldn’t let him play until we’d installed and patched to WOTLK. By the time he was done I’d 4 boxed it and was in bed watching a movie. Grrrrrr.


  4. We Fly Spitfires

    I heard about the Shattrath exploit to get low level players over there (even got a friend who did it) but hadn’t heard of the Dalaran one yet. The Shattrath one is so obvious (i.e. getting a mage to teleport you there) I’m honestly surprised they haven’t fixed it yet. It is a bug right? Strange :)


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    It turns out that the 14-day WotLK trial has been turned on for her account. This also explains why Death Knights are not greyed out on her character creation screen. (She was showing me that as well earlier in the day.)

    I suppose this is what comes of giving her the password to the account.

    I still have the parental control features under my control though.

    But, yes, that does seem like a pretty low level to be able to get to Dalaran or Shattrath.


  6. p@tsh@t

    Been a while since I thought about it, but didn’t they take the level restrictions off of the Dark Portal a while back? Were there every any on the boats to Northrend? My weak and feeble aging mind has failed me.

    I recall some hubbub about low levels getting to Shatt and Blizz responding that level restriction on the DP was only to prevent zone crashing from lookyloos and that it wasn’t an exploit (i.e. working as intended) to permit ports and summons of lowbies to the expansion continents. (totally unrelated to your “but I don’t have that expac installed issue, but its a slow Monday).


  7. Krallad

    Potshot would be correct in this case. Blizzard hasn’t ever cared about low level characters being in Outlands or Northrend. The reason they put a level restriction on the Dark Portal was to keep low level characters from rushing into the new content and overloading the Outlands servers.

    As far as Blizzard lifting the level restriction on Dark Portal I can’t say. I’ve never read anything official about them changing it and I’ve never tried to go through it with any character less than 58 anyway.

    I do know that there is no level restriction on entering Northrend though. My level 32 paladin is sitting in Warsong Hold right now.

    One of the reasons there isn’t a restriction on Northrend is because the original plan was to place Inscription trainers in Northrend cities only. After they decided to put the trainers in the old world as well they just went ahead and left it with no restriction.


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