Some days it is good to have a freighter on hand…

Lots of ore

Lots of ore

Cleaning up after some mining.

9 thoughts on “Hauling

  1. Sören

    *big envy* Having nothing more than an Itty III with just double the space than the Cov is … mmmmh … suboptimal.


  2. JC

    Geez, now you’ve got me wanting to train for a freighter again. May curses and maledictions fall upon thee, thou impious fish!

    Sorry for the obscure reference, but it just popped into my head.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @ Stnylan: The webber probably dropped from a belt rat while I was mining. I habitually haul home all gear and stow it away in a station warehouse until I collect enough of any given item to put them up for sale.

    Same for the armor reinforcer. The missiles were from a buy order.

    @JC: You have me stumped on that reference.


  4. Rieger

    Wilhelm, don’t forget one of the best uses for a Stasis Webber. Have a corpmate fit one and have you targeted on a gate as you are traveling. Then, immediately after you initiate warp, have your corpie turn on the web. It is a massive help to get your freighter to warp quicker. You will literally go into warp sideways. Fun stuff. :)


  5. JC

    It’s from Robert Heinlein’s book “Space Cadet.” The language of the “Venerians” (why he called them that instead of Venusians is beyond me) was very formal and stilted like that, and there was a scene where one of the cadets had just subliminally learned the language, but didn’t know he knew it until a Venerian cadet started swearing (curses and maledictions) and he responded he should “quell thy tongue, thou impious fish!”

    I have absolutely no idea why I even remember that. It was at least 20 years ago that I read that book.


  6. bags999

    OMG an eve post
    heya old noob (that is actually a compliment, as is wha my kids say2me)
    NFI on post, but I got mammoth’s on my toons or they called char’s here rite
    My multibox setup is 2 x Covetor + Mammoth, but never tried em yet – still need to learn more about fleet command mindlinks etc


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