Hallowed in Alterac Valley

Like Potshot, I have been trying to finish up the Hallow’s End achievements to get the meta achievement and the title of “The Hallowed.”

Once I figured out that the flimsy mask achievement was not a prerequisite for the title, I figured getting the meta achievement would be easy.  After all, this is our second pass through Hallow’s End achievements.  I picked up most of them last year at this time, so there were just a couple more to get.

And I was even more encouraged that I got the Sinister Squashling on my first trick-or-treat.  Things were looking good.

In fact, very quickly I was only waiting for somebody in the group to get the Leper Gnome wand.  That was all I needed to complete the  Masquerade achievement.  And nobody in our guild had one.

I could have paid somebody to hit me with the Leper Gnome wand.  People were shouting offers to do so for 5-20 gold.  However, after my daughter got ripped off by somebody offering that service, my faith in my fellow man dipped just a little lower.  There is no real recourse if you give somebody money and then they decline to wand you.

And so I waited for somebody in the guild to get one of those wands.  A week went by.  No Leper Gnome wands.

Well, actually, there were five Leper Gnome wands, but they were all on my account.  I was having no problem getting them.

At one point, Skronk got the random wand.

We met up and he hit me with that.  On the third try, I rolled Leper Gnome!

And I didn’t get the achievement.

The achievement is quite clear.  You need to be transformed by the Hallowed Wand – Leper Gnome, not just turned into a Leper Gnome by a wand.

Back to trick-or-treating.

Then, one afternoon I was in the Alterac Valley battleground.  I was just shy of the honor points I needed to buy something new.  And as we say waiting for the battle to start somebody said, “Anybody have the ninja wand?  I need it for the achievement.”

I had the ninja wand.  Heck, by that point I had most of the wands.  So I hit him with the ninja and he got the title and the achievement.

Seeing his success, I asked in the raid if anybody had the Leper Gnome wand.

Nobody responded.

Seconds passed.

The gates started up and the battle was just beginning when suddenly somebody hit me with the Leper Gnome wand.


Hallowed in Alterac Valley

The title was mine!  I am not sure who got me, but thank you very much!

And then we went on to win AV in record time.

Of course, about two hours later, Ula logged on and got the Leper Gnome wand trick-or-treating.  That is the way it always seems to go.

Now I just have to work on that flimsy mask achievement while we wait for the next big WoW holiday event, which is apparently Pilgrim’s Bounty.  I’m not sure how that is going to play outside of the US, but we’ll see.

5 thoughts on “Hallowed in Alterac Valley

  1. Jesse

    Using a little planning you can buff characters on the same account. Move two characters to the same spot in WoW, prepare the buffing character with a macro that target the buffee character and casts the requisite buff(s), log into the buffee character, open another instance of the WoW client and prepare to log in, as quickly as possible manually terminate the first WoW instance and log into the second WoW instance and select the buffing character. If you can do it quickly enough, since you are not exiting in a normal manner from the first WoW instance your character will stay in the game world for a short time and you can use that time to buff characters on the same account.


  2. Hegemon

    @Jesse: Was curious about this so tried it out, yes you can buff a character on the same account in this manner but unfortunately the Halloween wands require the other person to be in a party with you. Tried setting up auto-join in the lfg window to combat this but ghost character will not show up although still in the world.


  3. Jesse

    @Hegemon: You could set up the group before hand so when you logged in the characters are already in the group, but you will need someone to help in setting up the group beforehand and to hold the group open while you do your thing.

    I used this same trick to complete one of my low level rogue quests(Mission: Possible But Not Probable). Basically the higher level character beat the difficult mob to within an inch of its life. Then I swapped to the rogue and started beating on the mob, but was careful to wait to kill the mob until the first character disappeared completely.

    p.s. Darn holiday event and reminiscing making me itch to resubscribe.


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