Celebrate 5 Years of EQ2 with a 6 Year Veteran Reward

EverQuest II is so advanced that while it has only been around for five years, people are even now earning rewards for being with the game for six years!

How is that for progress?

There were some bonus months awarded for buying certain past expansions, something which probably seemed like a good idea to everybody except the people who had to come up with the rewards.

Anyway, they have announced what the six year rewards will be.

First, you get a hood and a cloak for your appearance slots, so everybody can see how long you’ve been around.

While the items are shown with the tag “of Destiny” the pictures on the site have the suffix “of Fate.”  You can see them at the link up above.

Then there is the inevitable experience buff that must come with all veteran rewards.  In this case, the Hammer of the Adept Hands will refill your trade skill vitality once every seven days.

Trade skillers rejoice… unless you’re already at the level cap… which you probably are if you’ve been around for six five years.  Still, you’ll zoom back to the cap come the expansion!

And then there is what I will call “the good bit,” the Call of the Veteran.

It is not exactly clear to me how this will work, but it is supposed to make travel just that much more convinient in Norrath.  From the announcement:

Never be left behind again! This trinket will allow you to teleport to a group member, bypassing those boat trips.

Probably the perfect thing for a nostalgia trip.  You can get around, see the sights, and be back in the guild hall in time for dinner.

All of these pictures are from the EQ2 Players site.

If you are eligible, you should be able to /claim these items starting on December 9th.

5 thoughts on “Celebrate 5 Years of EQ2 with a 6 Year Veteran Reward

  1. Kendricke

    As far as I’m aware, the Call of the Veteran is intended to work identically to the Refer-A-Friend call.

    Basically, form a group with anyone anywhere and then you can instantly call to that person from anywhere else in the world (once per hour at least).

    For guilds with a Strategist amenity, this means you’ll be able to plant level 1 characters around the world in strategic locations ahead of time. Then when it’s time to move any number of people from point A to point B, you log in the level 1, have a veteran with a rally flag call to the level 1, then plant the flag. There you have it: the entire guild can now travel to anyplace in the world in under 2-3 minutes.

    To be fair, you can essentially do this now…but it still requires the flag bearer to travel to the correct zone and then use a tinker/transverse call to get to the level 1. The Call of the Veteran simply removes the extra travel step.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Kendricke – Ah, thanks for the explanation. Sorry I didn’t respond to your tell yesterday in anything like a timely manner, but I had tells and guild chat piped into the same window and RnH was being quite verbose celebrating their third year on the server.

    @Gordon – I don’t know, I kind of miss not getting another title. Not that I need any more. And what title would you give after “The Loyal,” “The Dedicated,” and “The Zealous?”

    Something like, “The Bloodsworn?”

    I still use the everlasting firework from last year. And the reduced transaction cost sales case has been in use since the day I got it. For “Being There” rewards, they aren’t so bad.

    Still, nothing like that pony I got in LOTRO.


  3. Loredena

    Turns out that the Call of the Veteran works both ways. Trigger it, and a clicky item pops up. You can use it to port TO a group member (and you get a list to choose from) as Kendricke describes OR you can port a group member TO YOU — awesome for that late-joining friend!

    Between us my husband and I have 9 tradeskillers 2 of whom are not yet at cap, so I’m excited about the vitality award. In truth, for the past year tradeskillers have been nagging for it, and I noticed that I was way more likely to run out of tradeskill vitality then I was adventuring (the exception being when we used our level 70s to raise an alt from 25 to 50 in a short time — and she didn’t have the 5 year award yet anyway!)


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