Whiskey Tengu Foxtrot?

What to do with all that ISK I have in my wallet?

A few weeks back I was sitting in EVE Online.  Star Trek Online was down and I had had all of the WoW I could take for the day.  So there I was in New Eden wondering what to do.

I started thinking about one of my predictions for 2010, that strategic cruisers would become a common sight.  Of course, some people objected to that right away, saying that they were already a common sight in their neck of the woods.  That area is usually called 0.0 space, and my friend Meclin did confirm that the tech 3 ships were in fact not a unique sight out there.

I had never seen one however.  But then I, like a majority of EVE players, never go into 0.0 space, so I would dispute that they are a common sight.  I see most every ship hovering around Amarr station, so that is my measure for what is a common sight and what is not.

Of course, sitting there with no real plan and a bunch of ISK, I figured that I could make my prediction come true by buying my own strategic cruiser.  Money + boredom = expensive new experiment!

The first thing I needed was the basic skill. Easy and not too expensive:

Caldari Strategic Cruiser – 1,350,000 ISK

You only need the first level of skill to qualify for the ship.  That takes just a few minutes.

And then there was the ship itself.  The Caldari strategic cruiser is called the Tengu, which is what lead to the title of the post.

Tengu: 207,000,000 ISK

So I rushed off to assemble the new ship to see what it looked like.  Only there was a problem.

You can’t just fly the ship without its subsystems.  Heck, you cannot even assemble the ship.  You get this message.

There were subsystems available, but of course that requires more skills.

I had to run off and buy those.  They were 4,500,000 ISK each, and I needed five.

  • Caldari Defensive Subsystem
  • Caldari Electronics Subsystem
  • Caldari Engineering Subsystem
  • Caldari Offensive Subsystem
  • Caldari Propulsion Subsystem

This is how it goes with me and EVE.  Every impulse buy inevitably requires me to come up with at least another skill and some additional equipment to support the purchase.

The skills were quick.  I injected all five and queued up the first level for each, then went to Amarr to look for subsystems.  All the subsystems for the Tengu were available, but which to choose?

Fortunately in EVE most buying decisions are not irreversible.  Very few items are “bind on equip” if you will.  Ships, ship fittings, and the like can be repackaged and resold on the market.  So I picked five likely looking fittings without much in the way of research, dropping about 120,000,000 ISK in the process.

I was then able to assemble the ship.

Now I just had to activate the ship and take her out for a spin.  But when moving my pod to the ship I got one last warning.

Oh yeah, if the ship gets blown up, you lose some of your subsystem skill points.  Something of a dis-incentive to train them to level five I suppose.

But, at last, I was able to get into space with the Tengu.

Ship Name: Whiskey Tengu Foxtrt

Like a lot of Caldari ships, her beauty is more in her technical specifications than in her appearance.

Only then did I start looking at possible fittings for the Tengu.  It looks like I’ll need to work on my heavy missiles skills so I can mount tech II launchers, since the Tengu is limited to cruiser/battlecruiser modules.

Another hobby ship with which to tinker.  Time to get out EVEMon and the EVE Fitting Tool to plot out a possible level 4 mission runner fit.

10 thoughts on “Whiskey Tengu Foxtrot?

  1. Latrodanes

    Interesting process. I would have gone EFT then EvEMon, then start buying things for it. :-)

    There are some very good fitting discussions on the forums, depending on what role you are looking to perform in the Tengu.

    Oh and get at least L2 in all the T3 skills in case you get popped. You don’t want to buy new skillbooks. Insult to injury and all that.

    Fly safe.


  2. Facepalm

    I saw you log on last night Wilhelm and was wondering what you were up to…since you’ve been mainly in Azeroth and the Beta Quadrant lately.

    Most of the T3 Strat. Cruisers eat Level 4’s for breakfast, at least that’s what I’ve heard.

    Awesome name btw!


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Latrodanes – I did actually go to EVE Mon to see what it would take to get the base skill and found that I was already there (Caldari Cruiser V), so it was an impulse buy from that point forward.

    @Facepalm – Heh, I was on last night grabbing the screen shots. I took the Tengu apart, hid the modules in a bin, then assembled it again to get the alerts which come up for the ship. Dorky details, but I like to see those sorts of things a year later when I go back and re-read posts.

    I will admit that the post title potential in the name “Tengu” did influence my decision to buy. And now I have set myself up for the next post, how I end up fitting out the ship, because it takes two to Tengu!

    I’m almost ready for the tech II heavy launchers.


  4. Letrange

    Get the subsystem skills to 5 – they’re not that bad being rank 1 skills and they each provide a VERY NICE EFFEN BONUS… and you only loose 1 point out of the 5 skills IF you’re in the ship when it goes POOF (PvE tengus don’t tend to die that much)


  5. PeterD

    Wait, am I to understand you picked up a tech 3 cruiser (minus fittings and skill books) for 327 million ISK? When I looked at the prices just a few months ago, a Gallente T3 cruiser (before fittings) would have cost over $1 billion ISK.



  6. Stabs

    Nice ship, surprisingly accessible.

    Looking forward to hearing about her travels.

    I think if it were me it would drive me a little nuts not being able to specify how I wanted the subsystems built.


  7. Sören

    You did you ask your daughter if you should buy a Titan or a strategic cruiser, didn’t you? I guess she answered “The T3 ship, dad, that’s cool!” ;-)


  8. Magson

    Nice to see that the T3 prices have dropped further. I got my hull plus 5 subsystems for 567 million isk in total. And admittedly I’ve pimped it out so it’s worth close to 2 billion now…. but as was stated before, it does indeed eat L4 missions for breakfast.

    FWIW, a mission fit is completely different from a 0.0 fit. I wouldn’t dare take mine as it currently is in to even lowsec, much less null.

    @Wilhelm: For the future, perhaps consider these modules:

    Propulsion: Fuel Catalyst (you have it already)
    Defensive: Amplification Node
    Electronics: Dissolution Sequencer
    Offensive: Accelerated Ejection Bay (you have it already)
    Engineering: Augmented Capacitor Reservoir

    This gives a 6/6/4 slot layout. 6 launchers in the highs, 6 mids for lots of versatility between tank, speed, and even tackle if you’re so inclined in the mids, and then 4 lows for weapon upgrades, or a damage control and 3 weapon upgrades.. whatever ;-)

    I’d also suggest getting your subsystem skills all to at least 4 asap, then work your engineering module to 5 for max capacitor, then offense to 5 for max damage. After that…. everything’s good to have to 5 eventually, but the other systems aren’t as important, IMO.


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