Always Go With Your Gut…

Back to my 2010 predictions, and one in particular.

One of the following companies will announce their first/next project, and it won’t be an MMO (5 points):

Carbine Studios
Red5 Studios

Only, when I first made that list, I had 38 Studios on it.  It seemed logical.  I had lumped them together with Red 5 and Carbine last year.

Then I talked myself out of it.

They had already announced Copernicus.  Of course an MMO would be their first release.  I was thinking crazy thoughts.

Then there was yesterday’s press release.

The key item is:

Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) today announced an agreement with 38 Studios, LLC to publish the company’s first video game, an epic single-player role-playing game codenamed ‘Project Mercury’.

I just hate it when I talk myself out of things that come to pass.

And then, of course, there is the whole “OMG! EA is the devil!” reaction, for which, I must admit, I have some sympathy.

Still, it is probably better than reading that Activision is involved, know what I mean?

4 thoughts on “Always Go With Your Gut…

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  2. PeterD

    Well, techincally, by the wording of your prediction Copernicus is still their first project. It was announced first. Development presumably started on it first. The fact that Mercury will release first is not relevant, since that wasn’t your prediction :)

    You could claim it falls under the “next” project clause, but I think your intention was next project from a company with games out already, so, yeah.


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