April Fools Contest – The Entries

The April Fools Contest is now closed, all submissions are in.  Somebody from the list below is going to get a code for a WoW in-game pet.

The Monk and Lil' KT

This is your opportunity not only to see the entries in the contest but also to influence the decision on the winner.

Choose wisely.

Or choose carelessly.  I declare this poll and its results to be merely advisory and non-binding in any way.  Look for the final results on April 1st.

As a side note, the poll is set to randomize the order of the entries in order to try to protect against any sort of positional bias.

6 thoughts on “April Fools Contest – The Entries

  1. Badelf

    Too bad six of these were probably culled from simply searching the forums rather than actually seeing them ingame.


  2. Bhagpuss

    That was a surprise. I voted for Elder Berry just because I have an EQ shaman of the same name.

    I thought mine would be the only vote that entry would get and then it turns out it’s in the lead!


  3. wavemancali

    This is insanely hard for me. I am a Monty Python fanatic, a Star Wars nut and a South Park fan, and finally generally in favor of insane grandmas. I shall mull it over more.


  4. PeterD

    Some of them I just don’t get:

    Unavailable the Patient
    Chef Velendil

    Can someone explain the humor? I thought Dontheal the Patient was pretty good, but that was one of the examples, this one I don’t get :p

    Anyway, I voted for Bloodsail Admiral Ackbar just because that would have been a lot of work for no real reward except the name itself!


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @PeterD: No warranty for humor has been expressed or implied, I just shared out all of the entries that were submitted and followed the rules.

    The comments for the two you picked out were:

    “For everyone who remembers the: “Additional instances cannot be launched thing and they were unavailable for most of the time in the evenings”” (so something of a dig at Blizzard.)

    “Depending on how you choose to pronounce the name, it might sound like “Shuffle and deal”, a phrase commonly associated with card games.” (Subtle, I admit.)


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