Oh Crap, We Won. What Do We Complain About Now?

Cyanbane just pointed me to this post over at Kotaku, the meat of which is this quote from Blizzard:

I’d like to take some time to speak with all of you regarding our desire to make the Blizzard forums a better place for players to discuss our games. We’ve been constantly monitoring the feedback you’ve given us, as well as internally discussing your concerns about the use of real names on our forums. As a result of those discussions, we’ve decided at this time that real names will not be required for posting on official Blizzard forums.

And I was just really getting warmed up on the subject.  There was a conspiracy to be uncovered.  I was just about to implicate Eurogamer and Halliburton in the whole thing.

I guess it is back to griping about gear score and dungeon finder groups.

10 thoughts on “Oh Crap, We Won. What Do We Complain About Now?

  1. Dickie

    I’m glad to hear this! Still a bit disappointed that it took this long, but progress is progress… or rather maintaining the current system is progress… or whatever, you get the drift!

    In any case, I’ve enjoyed your level-headed posts on this topic and now look forward to a new topic of conversation ;)


  2. Bhagpuss

    …and out came the sun.

    I wouldn’t have bet against Blizzard going ahead with the RealID plan and I certainly didn’t expect them to give up this fast. I think the only thing that could have caused such a complete turnaround in so short a time is cancellations. A *lot* of cancellations.


  3. Reatu Krentor

    Good that they retracted that.
    I’m thinking it’s not just cancellations or forum feedback causing the retraction. But also the experience of having your realname out there for a certain blizzard CM made the downside crystalclear.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Of course, they still have the in-game, friends list Real ID thing going. The bit with the security hole and all that.

    And StarCraft II and Diablo III still look to be completely tainted by this whole thing.


  5. Tesh

    This isn’t repentance, it’s guilt (and cancellations, likely, as Bhagpuss rightly notes). They were called on a stupid move that they never should have made in the first place, and they scrambled to keep the pipelines flowing.

    This isn’t about doing the right thing. They even left themselves an escape clause: “at this time”


  6. nappa

    A Victory yes! I guess to answer your question… gearscore, balance, casual vs. hardcore, ninjas … you know… the usual General section rants :)


  7. Paul Saunders

    Its good for those who have there ships on auto pilot mining all day 24/7 macro mining that they deserve But not the normal miners. If they go afk they should have shields up for IV saying I am here but not afk and not home etc. what do you think?


  8. We Fly Spitfires

    “I was just about to implicate Eurogamer and Halliburton in the whole thing.”

    You still can! Personally I’m going for the whole “marketing scam to increase exposure” slant ;)


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