Daily Archives: February 2, 2011

Cloak for a Snowy Day

In the face of the freezing weather facing much of the country, Turbine had a flash lottery yesterday with a storm theme and gave out nice and warm looking snowy cloaks.

I’m out here in California where it was a brisk 63 degrees yesterday, so of course I won the cloak.  Gotta keep warm!

Snowy Cloak Front

While only a cosmetic item (only?) it is a very nice looking cloak.

Snowy Cloak Back

As I was complaining a few months back, it still doesn’t look like a real cloak.  You couldn’t wrap it around yourself to keep warm.  Still, I am happy to have it in the collection.

I actually won two of these cloaks, which is a bit of overkill, since you can share cosmetic items among all of your characters via the wardrobe feature.

Maybe I should have a contest to give it away?  Who on the Firefoot server has the most pathetic cold weather tale?