SOE Finally Gets a REAL Server Status Page

Update: Since the change over to Daybreak Gaming Company, the server status page is now here.

I have long complained that what passes for server status pages for SOE games like EverQuest and EverQuest II have often displayed information with little relationship to reality.

This is something that seems so easy, and which competitors like Blizzard have done so well, that I have boggled at SOE’s half-assed approach to the problem.  I swear at one point the EQ status page was static HTML that somebody just updated manually… when they had the time.

Now though, that might finally be at an end.

SOE has launched their new unified server status page.

EverQuest II Status

The page is a huge step forward.

Granted, it still needs some work.

Currently it only displays the status for EverQuest II, EverQuest, Star Wars Galaxies, and DC Universe Online.  I suppose the Vanguard servers are touched so infrequently that assuming they are up is safe.

And the region data column seems to be only partially populated.  Test might pass for a region I suppose, but where is “live?”

And the sorting of the servers is obviously based on some database key not visible in the display.  Alphabetical sorting by server name would be appreciated.

But otherwise, SOE seems to going in the right direction with this.  I will have to check back on patch day and see if status and reality actually align now for SOE.

It is interesting to see that of the EQ servers, only Fippy Darkpaw and Antonius Bayle are running at a load level other than “low.”


SOE seems to be continuing work on the page.  They have now added more games and tinkered with the information displayed, including the freshness of any given status.

The Game List, Sept. 2

Logical sorting patterns still seem to elude them, but you cannot have everything I suppose.

9 thoughts on “SOE Finally Gets a REAL Server Status Page

  1. bhagpuss

    Don’t hold your breath on this either ever working properly or even continuing to work even as well as it does now. Just this evening I tried to use the Mobile EQ2 app for the first time in a several months. This thing was introduced at the start of the year and worked very well. At first. It currently doesn’t work at all for me and a quick forum search confirms that, as I suspected, it hasn’t worked reliably for months.

    SoE have a very long history of introducing good ideas that they then neglect. EQIM was a great application that they just let die on the vine. EQ2Players, much ballyhooed, hasn’t worked for years. Cross-game chat, a brilliant innovation that I used every day, went buggy and then largely died. There are many more examples.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with SoE’s imagination and innovation, but their application, accuracy, discipline, competence and especially their attention span leave a lot to be desired.


  2. stargrace

    The assumption about Vanguard would be wrong! They were down twice this week for hotfixes and bug patches, as well as the week before for their first bug squash in a long time. This is going to be an ongoing thing as well as their two content updates this year. I hope they add VG to the list soon, even if it does only have two servers.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Hah, and this evening Free Realms, EverQuest Online Adventures, and EverQuest Mac made the page!

    EverQuest Mac! The closest to original EQ you can find these days. I hear that the sleeper still hasn’t been awakened there yet.


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