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  1. Remianen

    One of the very reasons I haven’t added this to any of my accounts (and I have a lot, due to a few after dark “wouldn’t it be cool if I could play these characters together?” binges). I don’t trust SOE to tie their own shoelaces, much less add a security feature like this competently. The same company that lets arguably their best game (Vanguard) basically wither on the vine (until very recently) and cancel a game that by its very nature would’ve created a new niche in MMOs (The Agency) and (biggest ‘duh’ of all) saved customer data in unencrypted form, can’t really be expected to turn over a new leaf in a few months. Maybe a few years, but not a few months.

    So I think the Blizzard comparisons are unfair to SOE. Blizzard has always been better at handling their business than SOE. Blizzard has add-ons that actually appeal to players (mobile authenticator, mobile armory, etc) while SOE is slow on the uptake always. The original authenticator hype post (there was one on EQPlayers. Dunno about EQ2players) said ‘Mobile version coming soon’. Given the pace of their ‘coming soons’, it’ll be here in 2016. Remember how long EQPlayers was completely busted (no updates, incorrect updates, bad data, etc) and Jelan & co over at Magelo laughed all the way to the proverbial bank (and rightfully so)? Yeah, that doesn’t instill confidence in their ability to pull this off competently in a timeframe anyone would agree fits the ‘soon’ label.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    “So I think the Blizzard comparisons are unfair to SOE.”

    Actually, reading what you wrote, I think you mean that the Blizzard comparisons are unfair to Blizzard, since it tries to put SOE in the same league.

    But what has “fair” to do with anything?

    And it still says “mobile version coming soon” on the SOE authenticator site.


  3. Aufero

    Yes, that’s SOE.

    (Although I should point out that there is a link to the authenticator page on the SOE main page, directly under the “Consumer Alert: SOE Unauthorized Network Intrusion” banner. I’d have displayed a feature that might make people more likely to use my products again much more prominently, but it’s there.)


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Aufero – Yes, there it is. I was probably blinded by the bright orange network intrusion banner above it. And, probably impacted by the whole “shopping after dark” thing as well.


  5. Snick

    If you try to login to your account with just your original password, does login fail?

    If it fails, is the error message the same as a normal password failure?

    I hope the answer to these questions is YES! for a true security upgrade.


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Snick – The answer to both questions are YES!

    Essentially your password becomes your password plus the security token, so it is as though you mis-typed your password… because you did as far as they are concerned.


  7. flosch

    It never ceases to amaze me how SOE can make even the simplest processes hard. This company must be where they send all the dropouts in interface design, public relations management, human resources, and overall workflow management.

    It is just amazing. I wonder whether SOE is a training ground for saboteurs who are afterwards sent to infiltrate competitors and ruin them from within?


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