Stop That Steam, It Is Not Going to Work!

I’m not going to buy it.  No.  But at $10, I am tempted just in case I might want to play some day.

Dangling cheap MMOs before me...

18 thoughts on “Stop That Steam, It Is Not Going to Work!

  1. Justin

    I failed my save against really cheap pricing. Curse you STEAM!!!!

    Now I feel obligated to play it for at least 10 hours…

    At least it’s cheaper than going to see a movie… Popcorn still costs extra.


  2. Carson

    I haven’t played “Oblivion” since I picked it up – along with all the downloadable content – for something like $7.50 on Steam.

    I’ve hardly played the original “Knights of the Old Republic” since picking it up for $2.50.

    They sure do know how to get us to make impulse purchases. :-)


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Carson – I was so close to pulling the trigger on that whole Star Wars package, just looking at it. Then I read up on a few of the games and realized not only how old some of them were, but that I probably owned and played half of them at one time. It nearly worked, me being in that Star Wars Blu-ray frenzy.

    Some time I am going to do a post that reviews in brief all my Steam purchases. Steam nicely keeps track of how much time I have spent with each game.


  4. wizardling

    Steam is evil with these constant specials. That said I found it easy to resist WoW 1.5 (Rift). It seems too likely to lead to the same frustrations and lack of levelling fun.


  5. Aufero

    I have a ton of games on Steam I’ve never even installed. The Steam specials, they call to me…

    I had fun in Rift for a few months. Then I got to the endgame, did the same content a couple of times, and found myself just as bored as in WoW. Still, I’d say it was worth the price + subscription cost for the time I played.

    And $10? Holy cow.


  6. coppertopper

    Its definately worth checking out for that price. But might want to make sure you get 30 days of playing time with the purchase.


  7. smakendahed

    Don’t do it.

    I’m playing Rift but mostly because of people I know are on there playing PVP. I level capped in no time and I’m working my way through the PVP ranks casually. It’s amusing, but also frustrating.

    Leveling is a lot like WoW was before Cataclysm. Lots of big kill lists or pick up ground spawn or use this thing over there type quests that take you all over the zone (usually with quest hubs). Add in the frustration that you might get rolled over by a Rift invasion or some invasion might turn your quest hub into an alien foothold. Meh.


  8. HarbingerZero

    Wow, a lot of whining about Rift going on in here. The interesting thing is that people are mad about how its the same as WoW, and how people are mad that its different than WoW. GK Chesterton once said that when people assign opposing complaints to the same thing, its a sign of the thing’s success.

    $10 is always worth it. Hell, I picked up Conan for that and its not even half the game Rift is. Spend three hours on it and you will have gotten your money back. And since these people aren’t particularly enthused, come to the Alsbeth shard, I’ll make sure you get your money’s worth.


  9. bhagpuss

    It’s good, Wilhelm. You’ll like it.

    At the pace you play you will still be exploring the excellent pre-50 content (an explorer’s dream) for many months.

    It would also be ideal for your instance group in that the ones who jib a bit at anything that isn’t as slick or professional as WoW will feel right at home, cos Rift is as slick as butter. (I love butter).

    Just don’t get put off by the execrable tutorial which seems to have been designed to put people off playing. Once you get through that it’s all win.


  10. HarbingerZero

    Rift shifts pretty seamlessly from group to raid so I couldn’t really tell you. If you need more spaces you can just r-click and “merge parties” and that’s that. On the minimum end, there are some quests that require duos and trios to knock out, but you could skip them and not be behind (another virtue of the invasion mechanic).


  11. bhagpuss

    Standard group size is 5. That’s what you’d run instances with.

    As HarbingerZero says, though, outside of instances a group is however many turn up as groups blend seamlessly into raids without you even noticing it’s happened.


  12. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    The size of a group to run an instance was the number I was looking for. I am unlikely to go play Rift solo, regardless of what they are doing with dungeons, but it might be something to bring up at the next instance group conclave. (If you see white smoke, we’ve chosen a new game.)

    And while the sale has passed, it looks like you can still get the game for $15 directly from Trion.


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