Daily Archives: December 23, 2011

First Death in Null Sec… My Drake Goes Boom

More lessons in “you cannot be too careful.”

Despite the fact that there were nearly 200 blues (allies) on the side of the gate where I started, the 10 reds (bad guys) on the far side of the gate seemed unconcerned and were picking off ships like mine.

I did turn on my hardeners and launch missiles back at them.  A futile gesture, but there wasn’t much else to do.  That is probably 14 more missiles that did not drop.

I did get away with my pod, so at least I only lost the ship, which was insured.  I get some money back for that.  A pod kill would add another 20 million ISK to the bill, and only that little because I came out to null sec without implants.

Time to go shopping again.

Kill mail details after the cut. (Boring stuff if you don’t play EVE.)

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