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Deklein Will be Rid of Goons by February

Although I spent Christmas in empire space, thanks to the magic of jump clones, packing up some stuff to be shipped out to null sec, I have been keeping an eye on communications and other bits of intel that find their way to me, usually via Gaff.

It seems that White Noise had a meeting of their own which, like the last State of the Goonion, shortly found its way to the web in audio form and is posted, along with a summary, over at EVE News 24.

Some of the key items from that:

  • White Noise was “surprised” by the attack, despite The Mittani discussing everything short of a seating chart for the victory celebration to take place after the defeat of White Noise.  Winter is Coming was more than a meme.  Maybe White Noise only read the State of the Goonion summary over at EVE News 24, which was terse to the point of uselessness. (The subtitle for their post was “Too Long, Didn’t Listen.” I am told that EVE News 24 hates the Goons.  But then the fill in the blank statement “_______ hates the Goons” has a lot of potential answers I suppose.)
  • White Noise jumped straight to the Godwin’s Law moment and made the historical (hysterical?) comparison to Germany invading the Soviet Union in 1941.  White Noise certainly fit the bill when it came to not being prepared despite obvious intel that the blow was coming.  Can they trade systems for time until they get their act together is the real question.
  • White Noise is getting their allies together and plans to start their counter offensive on January 1st.  This includes borrowing forces from Red Alliance down in the south, which apparently has enough free time to ship pilots across the map just for a chance to kick the Goons in the nuts. (Because, of course, they hate the Goons.)
  • White Noise says that the Deklein region will be cleared of Goon forces by February.

So, with that in mind, here is the sovereignty map for December 27th, borrowed from here:

Null Sec Sov. December 27

If things go as planned for White Noise, most of that big yellow splotch in the upper left corner should be gone.  That little purple patch as well, which is where I live when I am in null sec.

We will have to see what the map looks like on February 1st.

Until then I have a bunch of mining equipment set to to be shipped out to Deklein.  I need to start making some money somewhere along the line.

Though, I suppose if it came down to a desperate moment (it won’t), PLEX recently hit a new all-time peak price.  According to the November EVE Price Index, PLEX was selling for nearly 500 million ISK per unit at one point before settling down a bit.  Lots of ISK out there chasing PLEX I guess.

And the war, in which I played a very small part one night, goes on.